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After 30 years in technical sales, this is the only sales training course that is relevant to our industry ..." 

P. Clapham / National Defence Business Manager

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Sales Training Feedback

Each year Deakon provide sales training to hundreds of Salespeople, Sales Managers and their Support Staff and the reason we receive over 98% positive feedback is that we deliver on our promises. 

We could tell you how beneficial our sales training programs are however we thought you might want to hear what our loyal clients have to say:


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"We have noticed a significant improvement in one of our sales staff's performance after deciding to send them along to Fear - The Art of Selling ® . This has proved to be a great investment as his YTD sales have increreased by some 150% equating to an additional $2.5m worth of sales revenue per annum."

R. Laird - General Manager / Asset Plant & Machinery


"I’ve learnt more about selling myself in the last 8 weeks than I have in the last 8 years by attending this sales training course! "

D. Williams - Business Development Manager / Visits


"The sales training course has been extremely valuable in helping me to better understand the selling process. I highly recommend this course to anyone in sales or business. I should have done this course 10 years ago! "

G. Doukas - Managing Director / Austab Barcode Systems


"As part of this year’s sales conference for our dealer network in Melbourne & Sydney, we asked Deakon to present an introduction to their Fear - The Art of Selling course. The workshops were informative, practical, interactive, entertaining and well received by our internal staff and channel partners which made rolling the full sales training programme out on a national basis a very easy decision. "

Tom Di Conza - Sales & Marketing Manager / Samsung Communications


"Fear – The Art of Selling has taught me new ways of sourcing prospects and as a result my cold calling success rate has increased by an average of 42%. It has also given me the confidence to deal with all types of people at different levels within an organisation."

J. Rijcke - Sales Executive / Wastech Engineering


"Our sales manager attended Fear – The Art of Selling after 8 years of sales experience to learn how to hunt for new business from the best. Using Deakon’s prospecting techniques including letter writing resulted in a 33% success rate in un-chartered territories not 1 or 2%."

A. McVey - Managing Director / Auswide Communications


"After 30 years in technical sales, this is the only sales training course that I have attended that is relevant to our industry and focuses on solution selling – VERY WELL DONE!"

P. Clapham - National Defence Business Manager / Vicom Australia


"Selling is something that comes as almost second nature to me after 20 yrs experience however Fear – The Art of Selling puts everything into perspective so I will be able to be even more successful in the future. "

C. Joe - Business Development Manager / Sharp


"Fear – The Art of Selling is so far removed from any other course I have attended because it is actually full of new ideas. I was VERY IMPRESSED by the templates for writing introduction letters and practical tips on how to deal with objections. THANKS! Tim "

D. Lomax - Service Engineer / Fortress Systems


"Tim, thankyou for explaining what I have been watching happen in the sales process without fully understanding why. I look forward to refreshing my thoughts in the future by reading your sales training course notes again over the coming years. Fear – The Art of Selling was BRILLIANT! "

S. Rae - Communications Consultant / Apollo Business Communications


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