Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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Sales Recruitment Overview

About Us

myfirstsalesjob ® is the Sales Recruitment division of Deakon Pty Ltd.

The Sales Recruitment division was established to help our clients source suitable graduates, career changers and people re-entering the workforce who not only want to become professional B2B salespeople, but who also possess the raw talent & drive to be successful.

We are experts in the assessment, placement & training of NEW sales staff. Successful candidates have the opportunity to work for some of Australia’s best companies.

myfirstsalesjob ® is the perfect way to kick-start a sales career! 

What We Do

myfirstsalesjob ® is dedicated to finding the next generation of professional B2B salespeople. We have a team of experienced recruitment specialists who employ a series of intensive assessment processes to screen and source our candidates. 

These assessment processes accurately identify candidates who have the right combination of skills, attributes & motivation required to embark on a professional sales career. Candidates who make it through our assessment processes are matched to meet our client’s Position Description (PD). 

myfirstsalesjob ® is much more than a sales recruitment agency. Once a successful job placement is made with the client and following the completion of an agreed trial period, we provide the appointee with extensive professional sales training. 

By providing the appointee with valuable sales skills & knowledge in the first few months of commencing the role, they are given the best opportunity to succeed.

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