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Corporate Sales Training Workshops

Deakon also run Corporate Sales Training Workshops for larger teams of salespeople either on their own premises or at a suitable training venue of the organisation’s choice.

The benefit of Corporate Sales Training Workshops is that you have greater control over aspects of the sales training course material. Fear – The Art of Selling ® has been designed to cater for the training needs of most organizations however, Role Plays & Group Activities can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a sales team.

Sales Training Feedback

One of the most frequent comments we receive from participants of our Public Access Sales Training Courses is that they wish that their boss and co-workers were going through the same experience with them. We have found that the greatest transformation in a sales team occurs when an entire department including support staff and management are also involved at the same time.

Involving an entire department is an excellent approach to ensure a deep and rapid impact within the organization. Every member of the team develops a synergy, new vocabulary and frame of reference to facilitate increased efficiency.

Corporate Sales Training Workshop Curriculum

The Corporate Sales Training Workshops can be delivered over four consecutive days but to maximise the learning experience, we recommend that the option of two-by-two full day sessions be adopted as detailed below:

Fear – The Art of Selling ® Part I  (2 x Full Day) includes:

  • Unit 1: B2B-S301A      Planning Skills
  • Unit 2: B2B-S302A      Writing Skills
  • Unit 3: B2B-S303A      Prospecting Skills
  • Unit 4: B2B-S304A      Relationship Skills

Fear – The Art of Selling ® Part II (2 x Full Day) includes:

  • Unit 5: B2B-S305A      Investigation Skills
  • Unit 6: B2B-S306A      Development Skills
  • Unit 7: B2B-S307A      Negotiation Skills
  • Unit 8: B2B-S308A      Closing Skills

Corporate Sales Training Workshop Conditions

Please note that a minimum of ten (10) participants per venue is required to conduct Corporate Sales Training Workshop and a period of four weeks notice to customize any aspects of the program.

Corporate Sales Training Workshop Dates

For course dates, locations and availability – simply click on the Sales Training Dates - Corporate tab.

How To Register For Our Corporate Sales Training Workshops

For details of how to register for one of Deakon’s Corporate Sales Training Workshops – simply click on the Brochures & Forms tab; then download, fill out and return the appropriate registration form.

» To speak to one our consultants - simply click on the Contact Us tab.

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