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Introduction Sales Training Seminars

To assist in the evaluation process of a suitable sales training program for corporate clients, Deakon offer short Introduction Sales Training Seminars based on Fear – The Art of Selling ® on request.

The benefit of Introduction Sales Training Seminars is that you can try before you buy and eliminate any perceived risk in committing to a large rollout upfront.


The Introduction Sales Training Seminars run for a period of approximately two hours (2 hrs) and are very interactive, thought provoking and fun. Some of the key areas covered in the presentations include Planning, Writing, Prospecting & Investigation Skills along with practical tips on Time Management.

Delegates are encouraged to participate in role plays, class discussions and complete written exercises during the Sales Training Seminars. It is not possible to include all of the elements of the complete thirty hour plus sales training program however ample material is delivered in the timeframe to make an informed & educated decision. 

As part of this year’s sales conference for our dealer network in Melbourne & Sydney, we asked Deakon to conduct a series of Introduction Sales Seminars to provide an overview of Fear – The Art of Selling. 

The sales seminars were informative, practical, interactive, entertaining and well received by our internal staff and channel partners.

This made rolling the full sales training program out on a national basis a very easy decision."

Tom Di Conza /Sales & Marketing Manager
Samsung Communications

Samsung Communications - Introduction Sales Training Seminars

Sales Training Seminar Conditions

Please note that a minimum of ten (10) participants per venue is required to conduct Introduction Sales Training Seminars and a period of four weeks notice to customize any aspects of the program.

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