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Public Access Sales Training Courses

Deakon run a popular series of Public Access Sales Training Courses throughout the year which are attended by salespeople from different organisations. They are aimed at individuals who wish to develop their sales skills, or companies who have a specific need to train one, or more people, but who don’t wish to run the sales training course in-house.

This is the most cost-effective way of providing sales training to individuals & small groups, giving delegates the opportunity to mix with and learn from others who sell in different industries.

Who Will Benefit From Attending Our Sales Training Courses?

Fear – The Art of Selling ® was designed for sales professionals from companies of all sizes and benefits those most who:

  • Work in a B2B sales environment
  • Are involved in major or complex sales
  • Want to differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Are looking for practical advice
  • Want to sell on value and not on price alone
  • Want to stop cold calling forever

Advantages of Public Access Sales Training Courses

There are many advantages to attending public access sales training courses including:

  • Cost effective for individuals and small groups
  • Network with salespeople from different organisations
  • Minimum impact on selling time
  • Flexibility in scheduling

Attending a public access sales training courses is also an ideal way to preview Fear – The Art of Selling ® before you roll the sales training course out through your entire organization.

Why Should You Invest Your Time Attending Our Sales Training Courses?

Ans.  "Simple ... It works!  We have hundreds of Testimonials from satisfied & loyal clients already reaping the benefits of our sales training courses."

We developed Fear – The Art of Selling ® to empower sales professionals with the practical sales tools needed to increase sales results. You or your staff will learn the same selling techniques & sales skills that we teach Australia’s Fortune 500 companies by attending our sales training courses.

Sales Training Course Curriculum

Fear – The Art of Selling ® (8 x ½ Day sessions)

Each of the eight (8) units in the sales training course leverages off the previous to build a practical knowledge base for sales professional to use in the field:

  • Unit 1: B2B-S301A      Planning Skills
  • Unit 2: B2B-S302A      Writing Skills
  • Unit 3: B2B-S303A      Prospecting Skills
  • Unit 4: B2B-S304A      Relationship Skills
  • Unit 5: B2B-S305A      Investigation Skills
  • Unit 6: B2B-S306A      Development Skills
  • Unit 7: B2B-S307A      Negotiation Skills
  • Unit 8: B2B-S308A      Closing Skills

Sales Training Course Dates

For course dates, locations and availability – simply click on the Sales Training Calendar tab.

How To Register For Our Public Access Sales Training Courses

For details of how to register for one of Deakon’s Public Access Sales Training Courses – simply click on the Brochures & Forms tab; then download, fill out and return the appropriate registration form.

» To speak to one our consultants - simply click on the Contact Us tab.

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