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Sales Training Overview 

Deakon offer both Public AccessIntroductionCorporate B2B Sales Training Programs, Courses, Workshops, Classes & Seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney.

Fear – The Art of Selling ®

This comprehensive sales training program is the culmination of over seven hundred hours of development in Australia and designed specifically for B2B sales professionals & organizations that want to grow their existing client base and increase revenues.

The material presented in the sales training program provides a repeatable process to identify, investigate, develop, negotiate and close new business opportunities.

Who Should Attend The Sales Training Program?

  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Support Staff

Length of Sales Training Program

Fear – The Art of Selling ® is delivered over eight (8) half day sessions (one per week) or two by two (2 x 2) full day sessions. Class sizes are limited to small groups of 12-16 participants to maximise the learning experience and encourage equal participation by everyone attending the sales training program.


The full sales training program addresses a variety of topics including – planning skills, prospecting & cold calling skills, business writing skills, communication & listening skills, investigation & development skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, closing skills and general  time management & problem solving skills.


Value To Our Clients

  • Grow sales pipeline
  • Increase gross revenue
  • Produce more consistent sales numbers
  • Improve profitability (minimize price erosion)
  • Maximize deal size
  • Improve competitive win-rate

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the unique characteristics of prospects who are truly predisposed to buy from them.
  • Clearly define and articulate value statements that communicate the tangible & in-tangible business benefits their product, service or solution delivers to a prospect.
  • Write prospecting / introduction letters that focus on specific members of the DMU and will prompt a positive response.
  • Make a friend of the gatekeepers to get connected to the right person.
  • Employ effective cold-calling techniques to turn rejection into a positive outcome.
  • Leave voicemail messages that trigger recipients to return the call.
  • Identify a prospect’s preferred learning style and use specific sales techniques to communicate more effectively with them.
  • Become a better listener and use non-verbal communication techniques to speed up the rapport building process.
  • Set clear objectives for a sales call and qualify if a prospect is truly predisposed to buy from you.
  • Use proven questioning techniques to uncover sales opportunties.
  • Demonstrate value to prospects to obtain commitment.
  • Use advanced negotiation principles & tactics to achieve set goals.
  • Limit objections from arising and defend any that do with confidence.
  • Quickly build a sales funnel and close more sales.
  • Improve their time management skills.   

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