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Keynote Speakers 

To learn more about any of our trusted advisors & key note speakers, simply click on their portrait photo to be directed to their company website:

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We are proud of the quality of keynote speakers that present at each sales conference:


Nigel Alex

Health & Fitness

Nigel is a fitness specialist and senior lecturer at Kangan Institute in Melbourne with over 15 years of practical experience in the health / fitness industry. He has a degree in Physical Education & master’s degree in Exercise Science from Monash University. Nigel is highly respected for his work with high performance athletes including members of the Special Operations Group (SOG), Victorian Police Force & Australian National Security Service Air Marshals.


Morris Miselowski


Future Business

Morris knows that the next 10 years will see the equivalent of 100 years of change. He knows that in 2020, 60 per cent of the workforce will be doing jobs that don’t yet exist, in industries that haven’t been created. And he knows that all of that change will come through people, not technology.As a successful entrepreneur who has spent 30 years in business and strategic future forecasting, Morris has the kind of real-life experience that helps him understand the possibilities for every client - no matter how complex - and translate them into simple, practical, actionable, profitable insights they can use immediately.


 Simon Forrestor

 Commission Plans

Simon is the Managing Director of SFCG , a business consulting company based in Australia. SFCG specializes in building revenue growth through the implementation of Sales strategies for mid sized companies . An integral part of developing a successful Sales strategy is the use of commission plans to drive revenue and retain key staff. As the Executive General Manager , Sales and Marketing, for Upstream Print Solutions,Simon worked closely with the CEO and Board to build the company from a $7 to $100 million dollar company in 8 years .He has held senior positions within Ricoh, Yellow Pagesand GTE.


Gene Stark


Gene is the principal consultant of Stark Reality Marketing and a co-founder of The Marketing Network; an agency that brings together different marketing disciplines under one roof for convenience of SME business owners. He has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands including Bunnings, Coles Myer Group, Fosters Group, Tattersalls, Nissan, Mars, Swisse Multivitamins and Tetley Tea. He has completed over 100 SME marketing projects in the last 6 years and has provided advice to hundreds of business owners whilst writing and publicly speaking on the marketing challenges facing small business. He is also an expert on using LinkedIn and regularly speaks to the Institute of Management, CEO Institute & Victoria University.


Tom Di Conza


Tom is the Sales & Marketing Manager for Samsung Communications and has over 25 years experience in the communications industry including senior management roles at Telstra. His successful career spans all aspects of B2B sales including sales management, channel management, sales training, business development & mentoring. Tom has gained an in depth understanding of communication technologies and how they can be used to improve a variety of company processes.


Denis Healy


Denis founded PEPworldwide after a successful sales career with IBM to respond to the need for individuals to develop “Best Practice” around their personal work processes. He has representation in all major markets in Australia and New Zealand with licensed partners in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong and greater China. Over the past 15 years Denis has become one of Australasia’s most experienced executive developers. His clients include Federal Cabinet Ministers and he has over 4000 hours of 1 on 1 development sessions with senior executives. Denis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Modern History from Sydney University, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, is an Intern Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association, an accredited Coach and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.


Matthew Sorvaag


Matthew – MBA, CAPM is the Practice Manager at Byte Information Technology for their Software Development Services division. He is passionate about what he does and has built award winning software teams through his continuous drive for quality and process improvement. Matthew has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and has successfully delivered numerous SharePoint solutions, Consulting service engagements, Bespoke software  applications, complex websites & intranets. Matthew is also a strong advocate of cloud base computing.


Jon Michail

Image / Branding

Jon is the Founder / CEO of Image Group International an Australian brand image advisory and coaching organisation represented in 18 countries. As a past designer with Christian Dior he further studied International Business Management at Monash University and Media Relations at RMIT. Jon is a Fellow of Leadership Victoria and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and has over 25 years personal brand and entrepreneurial coaching experience as a real world practitioner. Jon’s organization has created MASSIVE success & wealth for his loyal clients around the world.


Daniel Cohen

Team Building

Daniel is the Senior Trainer & Facilitator at A.C.E. Training & Consulting. He has a MBA, Bachelor of Education & Master of Arts in Experiential Education. Daniel has gained a wealth of knowledge over 15 years through his work with some of Australia’s largest and most prestigious corporations. His unique training programs are designed to simulate work situations, challenging the way participants behave and allowing them to practice and learn collaboration. He incorporates his qualifications in traditional teaching methods with his expertise as a trainer and consultant to facilitate training programs that maximise learning, participant involvement and enjoyment.


Tony Revell

Direct Marketing

Tony is CEO of Integrated Mailing Services; one of Australia’s leading direct mail and marketing services providers with a rich history of innovation. His background includes 12 years in the direct marketing industry with senior roles at Sema and ABnote. He has an MBA from Monash University and B.Bus in Marketing from Swinburne University. With a background in sales and direct marketing, Tony has the ability to combine insight, experience and skills to help organisations achieve outstanding results.


Tim Williams

Lead Generation

Tim founded Deakon Pty Ltd. in 2005 to provide professional Sales Training, Sales Recruitment & Sales Consulting services. His background encompasses 20 years of Technical Sales roles in the IT, Telco & Automation industries having been a BDM for Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Trend Micro and Schneider. Tim’s exceptional sales career and strong technical background positions him as a leader in the sales training industry. He is recognised as one of only a handful of individuals within Australia who has the unique combination of technical expertise, application knowledge, comprehensive real world business development skills and the ability to train others.


Rodney Ferro


Rodney is a respected Web Consultant and Director of Protocol Networks with over 12 years of application knowledge in the web and online  marketing industry. He was previously the Director of Sales and Marketing for Butterfly Internet and Account Manager at Clemenger BBDO – eServices Group where he developed solutions for BMW, Hoyts, MasterFoods, PMP Limited, CFA, Diabetes Victoria, Middy’s Electrical and Melbourne Grammar. Rodney is a hands-on expert in delivering sales leads through online mediums by understanding the power of the web and creating results based outcomes for his clients.



Peter Thurin


Peter is the founder of Blackbelt in Excellence and has been empowering thousands of people from all parts of the world for over 12 years. He is a dynamic, inspirational and professional speaker, program presenter, facilitator and mentor. He is a powerful catalyst for business growth and places relentless focus on the choices we need to make to achieve the desired end result. He demonstrates a rare ability to combine his insight, skills and experience to understand a business and work with their people to significantly impact on their bottom line. Peter’s focus on people excellence has been a major factor in the remarkable results achieved by many of the companies he has worked with.



Dianna Seychell

Sales Recruitment

Dianna is the senior Organisational Psychologist for Deakon and heads up the Sales Recruitment division. Her impressive career includes senior recruitment & employee development roles at Hudson, ANZ Bank, the Royal Australian Air Force and the Department of Justice. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology from Monash University, and a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Melbourne. Over the past 20 years she has conducted thousands of face-to-face interviews with potential candidates and is an expert in attracting & recruiting staff, and retention strategies.


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