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Delegate Feedback

The reason why Deakon receive over 98% positive feedback from the delegates who choose to attend our sales conferences is that we deliver on our promises.

We could tell you how beneficial each sales conference is however we thought you might want to hear what a small sample of our loyal clients have to say:

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We are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients:


"Deakon’s Great Ideas! Sales Conference had a well-balanced and well thought out mix of informative presentations."

R. Kogoi –Director


"I came into this sales conference with the idea that I will be creating a sales strategy for my company – I left the conference with the basic structure ready to go.  Topics were very up to date, relevant & informative.  

This was a fantastic conference!"

K. Briscoe – CEO


"The strategies presented at the Great Ideas! Sales Conference will help me to generate leads & capitalize on them.  It provided me with practical, cutting edge building blocks for my business."

J. Warburton - Scientific Divisional Manager


"This was a great sales conference, with many interesting speakers & topics.  A lot of information & many great ideas were presented which will be useful to me as well as to my sales team."

C. Vat - Operations  & Marketing Manager


"I enjoyed the presentations as it is so important to sharpen your thoughts & review how you are performing.  The Great Ideas! Sales Conference provided me with information useful to both myself and others in my team."

D. Dickinson – State Sales Manager


"Having 14 different sales related topics from 14 different speakers is innovative. This sales conference had a different structure to many other types of conferences out there.  Tim is definitely an ‘ideas’ man!"

R. Hickey - Sales & Marketing Manager


"The Great Ideas! Sales Conference incorporated a great range of specialists, all of whom were ultra-relevant to my field.  It was a very enjoyable and educating conference."

M. Calabro - Sales Director



"This sales conference provided me with a great depth of knowledge.  There were heaps of ideas, processes and methodologies to follow. My challenge is to now action everything I’ve learnt!"

B. Chaplin – Director / FM Essentials


"Deakon‘s Great Ideas! Sales Conference gave me exposure to a variety of different  perspectives, all of which were relevant and unique.  I liked the fact that the presentations were concentrated over two days."

K. Pehlivan – Business Development Manager


"Rarely do you find a sales conference for business managers and owners with so many relevant presentations!"

G. Buhagiar – Director


"Deakon’s Great Ideas! Sales Conference provided me with genuine new ideas that could be implemented in our workplace to improve our lead generation, image, marketing and sales performance."

R. McInnes - Genomics Manager SEA



"The sales conference challenged my current actions and thinking.  It provided me with insights into how to build business and relationships."

J. Shannahan  - Field Sales Manager



"Deakon’s  Great Ideas! Sales Conference provided me with many new ideas which are relevant to all aspects of the business.  I will implement at least 3-4 ideas from the different speakers."

P. Pleming - National Sales Manager



"The sales conference provided me with many ideas that I can put into practice to grow our revenue.  It also provided the inspiration to work on putting new ideas into practice!"

R. Maurer - Managing Director



"Deakon’s  Great Ideas! Sales Conference was a well- structured conference with successful speakers in their own right.  The majority of speakers were  business executives & owners so you know that their ideas will work! The information presented was informative and up to date."

A. Strauss - Director / Abacom Holdings



"This sales conference consolidates and enhances the key aspects of the sales process.  This will help me and my business in our day to day sales functions.  The team from Deakon did a great job!"

M. Allard - Group Sales Manager


"The mix of informative, motivational and practical speakers and topics was spot on. The Great Ideas! Sales Conference is a fantastic investment of time which is highly recommended.  I look forward to implementing some of the ideas!"

H. Browne -Business Development Manager


"Throughout the two days this sales conference covers all aspects of sales and marketing.  How to motivate sales teams and commission structures were useful and provided me with a number of takeaways."

B. Lister - Sales & Marketing Manager


"Deakon’s  Sales Conference was a very good and the venue was excellent!"

P. Supple - Managing Director


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