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Why Reinvent The Wheel?

As part of mysalesresources ®, you are able to view or download Sales Tools gathered from around the world. Simply click on either the associated "Title" link to view the file or "Download" link to save the file.

The documents & templates below are provided by Deakon to assist others develop their own sales tools and are intended for reference purposes only. We do not guarantee the material’s accuracy, reliability or suitability for your particular application, nor do we assume any responsibility for the material being used in your application.


Any files downloaded from this site are subject to acceptance of our standard Terms & Conditions.


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 TitleCategory Size
Operating Expense Analysis Download61.50 KB
Sales Call Log TemplateAccount ManagementDownload28.50 KB
Sales Letter About Additional Services to ClientAccount ManagementDownload24.50 KB
Sales Call ChecklistAccount ManagementDownload198.50 KB
12 Month Profit and Loss ProjectionAccountingDownload56.00 KB
Petty Cash LogAccountingDownload17.00 KB
Inventory - Cost of Goods Sold AnalysisAccountingDownload32.00 KB
Four Year Profit ProjectionAccountingDownload25.50 KB
Cost Analysis with Pareto ChartAccountingDownload18.50 KB
Financial History and RatiosAccountingDownload34.50 KB
Petty Cash ReceiptAccountingDownload34.50 KB
Customer Profitability AnalysisAccountingDownload49.00 KB
Capital Budgeting -Return-On-Investment (ROI) AnalysisBudgeting & PlanningDownload31.50 KB
Channel Marketing BudgetBudgeting & PlanningDownload41.50 KB
Training BudgetBudgeting & PlanningDownload26.00 KB
Expense Budget SpreadsheetBudgeting & PlanningDownload24.00 KB
Operating Expense Budget PlanningBudgeting & PlanningDownload96.00 KB
Introduction of New SalespersonCareer & EmploymentDownload24.50 KB
Sales Executive Employment AgreementCareer & EmploymentDownload50.00 KB
Sales Team Member EvaluationCareer & EmploymentDownload23.00 KB
Job Performance Review GuideCareer & EmploymentDownload42.50 KB
Employee Performance Review Form (Long)Career & EmploymentDownload85.50 KB
Employee Performance Review Form (Short)Career & EmploymentDownload55.50 KB
Employee Performance Review Form (Peer)Career & EmploymentDownload62.00 KB
Employee Performance Self-Evaluation AssessmentCareer & EmploymentDownload46.00 KB
Introduction of New Sales DirectorCareer & EmploymentDownload24.50 KB
Performance Interview Planning ChecklistCareer & EmploymentDownload119.00 KB
Quality Scale SurveyCustomer Service & Client RetentionDownload46.00 KB
Introductory Letter to New ClientCustomer Service & Client RetentionDownload24.00 KB
Thank You to New CustomerCustomer Service & Client RetentionDownload27.50 KB
Follow-Up to Sales CallFollow UpDownload24.50 KB
Sales Follow-Up TemplateFollow UpDownload40.00 KB
Follow-Up to Product or Service Sales Call (Informal)Follow UpDownload33.50 KB
Follow-Up to Product or Service Sales Call (Formal)Follow UpDownload34.50 KB
Follow-Up to Prospective CustomerFollow UpDownload28.50 KB
Follow-Up to Service Sales CallFollow UpDownload24.50 KB
Follow-Up to Visit by New SalespersonFollow UpDownload25.00 KB
Follow-Up to Visit by Usual SalespersonFollow UpDownload24.50 KB
Follow-Up After Consultant Sales CallFollow UpDownload30.00 KB
Follow-Up to Sales Call on Ex-CustomerFollow UpDownload24.50 KB
Sales Effectiveness ScorecardForecastingDownload28.50 KB
Product Sales Pipeline ManagementForecastingDownload49.00 KB
Strategic Sales Pipeline ManagementForecastingDownload115.50 KB
Detailed Sales ForecastForecastingDownload54.00 KB
Detailed Sales Pipeline ManagementForecastingDownload56.50 KB
12 Month Sales ForecastForecastingDownload26.00 KB
Channel Sales ForecastForecastingDownload46.00 KB
Product Sales SampleForecastingDownload95.00 KB
Market Analysis WorksheetForecastingDownload29.00 KB
New Product Sales and Profit Forecasting ModelForecastingDownload32.50 KB
Tactical Sales Pipeline ManagementForecastingDownload120.00 KB
Streamlined Sales forecastForecastingDownload27.00 KB
Sales Effectiveness SurveyForecastingDownload45.50 KB
Sales Account Adjustment ForecastForecastingDownload132.50 KB
Solution Sales Pipeline ManagementForecastingDownload56.00 KB
Telephone Sales Order FormFormsDownload30.50 KB
Sales Order Form TemplateFormsDownload29.00 KB
Competitive AnalysisGeneral Sales StrategiesDownload44.00 KB
Competitive Market Benchmark Analysis for Services CompanyGeneral Sales StrategiesDownload29.00 KB
Competitive Analysis using SWOTGeneral Sales StrategiesDownload19.00 KB
Customer Competitive AnalysisGeneral Sales StrategiesDownload91.50 KB
Competitive Points ListGeneral Sales StrategiesDownload40.00 KB
Acceptance of Job OfferHiring & InterviewingDownload25.00 KB
Job Offer to Electrical EngineerHiring & InterviewingDownload24.50 KB
Job Offer with Relocation AssistanceHiring & InterviewingDownload25.50 KB
Employment ApplicationHiring & InterviewingDownload113.50 KB
Letter of Offer TemplateHiring & InterviewingDownload80.50 KB
Salary Analysis TemplateHiring & InterviewingDownload108.00 KB
Job Description FormHiring & InterviewingDownload38.00 KB
Sales Representative Agreement IIIHiring & InterviewingDownload26.00 KB
Basic Job Offer with EnclosuresHiring & InterviewingDownload25.00 KB
Sales Representative Agreement IIHiring & InterviewingDownload23.50 KB
Job Applicant Assessment FormHiring & InterviewingDownload50.50 KB
Job DescriptionHiring & InterviewingDownload42.50 KB
Sales Representative Agreement IHiring & InterviewingDownload86.00 KB
Give-Get List for Negotiation TradeoffsNegotiating & ClosingDownload39.50 KB
Sales Invoice TemplatePayment & InvoicingDownload45.00 KB
Sales Receipt Template IPayment & InvoicingDownload53.00 KB
Sales Receipt Template IIPayment & InvoicingDownload60.50 KB
Invoice for Work Performed TemplatePayment & InvoicingDownload46.00 KB
Request for Sales PresentationPresenting & Speaking Download24.50 KB
Sales Lead Generation MethodsProspecting & Cold Calling Download25.50 KB
Salespeople Pivot Table ReportReportsDownload77.50 KB
Core Competencies of Successful Sales ManagersSales ManagementDownload51.50 KB
Sales Proposal Response TableSales ProposalsDownload34.00 KB
Sales Practice Guide ProposalSales ProposalsDownload406.00 KB
Sales Proposal Template IISales ProposalsDownload73.00 KB
Bidder Comparison WorksheetSales ProposalsDownload46.50 KB
Bid - No Bid Assessment and ChecklistSales ProposalsDownload23.50 KB
Sales Proposal Template ISales ProposalsDownload27.50 KB
Sales Training ROI CalculatorSales TrainingDownload79.00 KB
Training Needs AssessmentSales TrainingDownload40.00 KB
Sample Consignment Sales AgreementTerms & ConditionsDownload25.50 KB
Sales Compensation ModelWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload66.00 KB
Commission TrackerWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload49.00 KB
Sales Commission CalculatorWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload17.00 KB
Expense ReportWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload19.00 KB
Petty Cash Reimbursement RequestWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload31.50 KB
Mileage Log with Reimbursement FormWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload22.50 KB
Sales Costing CalculatorWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload51.00 KB
Travel Expense ReportWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload20.50 KB
Travel Expense Report with Mileage LogWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload20.00 KB
Travel Expenses ReportWages, Expenses & CommissionDownload85.50 KB
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