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By providing role plays and all the tools and templates needed in sales, this sales training course has given me the confidence to go out there and sell."
R. Michielin / Territory Manager
STAUFF Corporation

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Top 10 Reasons to Spend on Sales Training

by Sean Kanan

If you are wondering whether or not you should spend money from your business on sales training here are the top 10 reasons for doing so.

Firstly you will find that when you send your stuff on sales courses your sales figures will increase and this is your main aim.

  1. Staff who have been on a sales course and learned more tips and techniques will encourage more people to become customers. These can, in many cases, be turned into repeat customers over time.
  2. When you have spent on sales training you will find that you have much better staff than many other similar businesses. Sales programs today are tailored to fit individual businesses and if you want your staff to be the best you need to invest in this kind of training on a regular basis.
  3. By sending your staff on sales training courses you will be showing them that you value them in your workplace. The fact that you will spend money on helping them to increase their sales will give them the boost that they need and this will make them want to make even more sales.
  4. You will also find that with regular staff training which keeps your staff at the cutting edge of sales techniques you will get fewer people leaving your business. Having to train and retrain people can be very expensive, but when you have invested money and time into your staff they will repay you by being loyal.
  5. Sales training can encourage your existing employees to share the knowledge that they have with each other. This can then help to create closer links between different sales teams and as knowledge is shared more sales can be expected.
  6. If all your staff are well trained you will find that they are all using much better working practices. Obviously this is something that you are hoping to achieve and as soon as your staff get the training that they need they will not be missing any sales opportunities.
  7. You will also find that spending on training for your sales staff is cost effective. After one member of staff have been fully trained he or she will then be able to go on and secure hundreds or even thousands of sales. When you compare this to the cost of training you will see how cost effective it actually is.
  8. Having staff on the phones that are highly trained will increase customer satisfaction. All customers want to feel as though they are dealing with a professional and when your staff have the best sales training they will be behaving in this way.
  9. Finally you will start to see direct results of training when you look at the sales figures for your business. Within the first week or so after training you should notice that the sales figures are increasing and this should continue as more and more of your staff are using the new methods that they have learned during training.

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