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Lucrative Jobs Available Through Sales Recruitment Agencies

by Sean Kanan

A career in sales can be a very lucrative one, the right sales recruitment agencies can give you invaluable training and advice to help you find a job and be successful at it. Reasons to consider the sales career are a large amount of job openings relative to other careers, the fact that previous experience is not as important in sales as it is in other industries and the lucrative benefits of sales jobs such as the opportunity to make extra money via commissions and many perks like a company car or mobile phone for example.

Sales jobs often offer the highest amount of available entry-level positions compared to other jobs. Couple this with the fact that previous experience is not so important relative to other industries and you have a great opportunity for a new career. Previous experience is not such a requirement because your core abilities, personality, drive and enthusiasm are much more important. When looking for your first position in a company, specific industry knowledge is not so important and can be learned in your own time or even as the job progresses.

This also means that switching from sales jobs that specialise in different industries is more seamless than it would be for other careers. Many sales recruitment agencies offer quality sales training to prospective sales staff which is greatly beneficial in a career like sales as it rewards hard work and effort of an individual.

Sales can be described as a meritocracy as opposed to a democracy, in a meritocracy advancement is achieved purely through individual achievement and ability so in sales you would be paid more for your hard work than in other jobs where everyone's work is paid the same. Many companies have a commission system where sales staff are paid a small percentage of the value of each sale made, which rewards employees who excel at their job.

Not all sales job have the same amount of income, it varies greatly and can range from roughly $45k a year to over $300k a year for various director and executive positions.The sales training offered by many sales recruitment agencies can help you succeed in your new career and connect you to employers that value its staff highly. Such companies usually offer great incentives and perks to its high performing staff such as bonuses, company car, company phone, health and child care plans, laptops and even some travel allowances.

A sales career also offers the possibility of a flexible work environment. You may not have to clock in to work day in and day out if you can show your ability to organise yourself and still reach an amount of sales, which shows your employer that you can be trusted to manage your own time. The list of benefits go on, making a sales career an ideal choice for anyone looking to start or even change careers.

If you are interested in a career in sales, make sure to search for a quality sales recruitment agency that will properly prepare you to succeed.

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