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Sales Training And The Right Personality Should Make For A Successful Career In Sales.

by Sean Kanan

If you wish to embark on a long term career in sales it is important that you first confirm that your personality and characteristics are suited to a sales role and having established that this is the case, undergo a comprehensive sales training programme. Where do you start in this process?

In recent times sales recruitment agencies have sprung up where the agency specialises in providing training and job opportunities in the area of sales across many industries. In addition to providing this combined service to prospective candidates these sales recruitment agencies also run assessment tests to ensure that candidates have the characteristics deemed necessary for a successful and long term career in sales.

From an employer perspective the sales training and assessment tests add value to any corporation looking to recruit sales people because again the prospective employer can be confident that any candidate put forward for the sales role has received quality sales training as well as having been vetted with the personality testing. So both candidates looking for work in sales as well as employers wanting to take on new recruits in their sales team, utilising the services or a sales recruitment agency not only makes a lot of sense but also saves time and money, and for both parties provides a much better chance of a successful placement.

The assessment tests are a very worthwhile exercise particularly for those who are considering a career change or are new entrants to the world of business to business sales. By listing with a sales recruitment agency that offers the assessment test process you will immediately know whether your personality traits and characteristics are such that you will have a good chance of success in a sales role. Are you persistent and resilient yet humble? Are you a motivated individual with good communication skills and an ability to work both autonomously and within a sales team environment?

These are the raw talent requirements of a person wanting to work and achieve in any sales role. Having completed this type of assessment test you will be given the results which if favourable will obviously be a valuable asset to present in an interview situation. A prospective employer is likely to be swayed by this third party independent assessment and the certification will set you apart form other candidates competing for the sales job on offer.

The sales training that is offered by specialist sales recruitment agencies is comprehensive and packed into a relatively short programme – usually either 8 half days or 4 full days format, cover a wide range of business to business topics and will give you the selling skills required to ensure success. Sales training includes learning planning and writing skills, how to prospect and build on relationships, research and development skills, the art of negotiating and finally closing the sale.

Candidates who complete the sales training course come out with a wealth of information on how to identify the unique characteristics of prospects predisposed to buying and how to communicate the benefits of their particular business product, service or solution.
If you are considering a job in sales utilise the services of a sales recruitment agency, undertake their assessment tests and sales training and you will be well positioned to take on that new job in sales.

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