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I found the sales training course very enjoyable & informative. ... It was worth every penny!"J. Lukins / BDM
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Sales Training for Bank Employees

by Sean Kanan

Sales training for all banking personnel is too often an untapped source of revenue potential.  The ability to sell is a skill that can be taught.  Limiting the job of selling bank services limits profit potential.  People and banks need to invest to earn. Investing in sales training invests in the future of the bank. 

Sales courses and sales training courses have the ability create a perpetual line of employees who are prepared to sell at any given moment, to any customer that sets foot through the bank’s doors.  The needs of individual bank customers and commercial account holders change every day, and the bank can not predetermine when the need for new services will hit, or who the person will talk to while that customer is considering his or her needs.  Sales training will prepare your bank employees for that moment.

A simple question presented to a teller may or may not lead to a sale of a new service.  If the customer is merely handed a pamphlet, he or she will likely remain complacent until a later time.  If the customer is merely directed to another desk, he or she may decide it’s not worth the time at this moment.  If however, the bank teller is capable of providing a service description that is targeted toward the customer’s key buying motives, and the teller can excite the customer that the service is wonderful and exactly what he or she needs right now, the bank customer will be enticed to make a change in his or her schedule and sign up for the new service while his excitement for the product is high.  The skills to make such a convincing presentation can be learned through a sales training program. Select sales training courses can be chosen specifically for your bank’s needs. 

Professional sales courses and sales training courses for your bank employees will also increase your employees’ ability to up-sell and cross-sell, thereby increasing bank services without the cost of customer acquisition.  And once a bank customer is using more than one service or is receiving more than one benefit, it is more likely that that customer will remain a loyal customer, and their lifetime value will increase. 

Mortgage officers, personal loan officers, and commercial lending officers at all levels have the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell at any given moment.  Quite often, a new customer will walk into a bank and talk to the first person at a desk that they see.  A professional sales training course will train employees how to direct non-departmental customers without appearing as if they are just shoving the bank customer to another desk with a wave of their hand. 

A professional sales course will also teach the art of presentation, thus your trained tellers and bank officers will not be perceived as too pushy, and the bank’s atmosphere will remain friendly and professional.  Conversation and communication using professional sales techniques have the capability to bring out sales opportunities and establish long-term client relationships – which are particularly important in the bank environment.

Sales training with a sales course selection that fits your bank needs will increase sales of bank services, develop more loyal customers, and improve labor to sales ratios.  There is little doubt that the increase in sales will more than compensate for the cost of sales training.  Creating a perpetual line of bank employees that are prepared to sell with professional sales techniques at any given moment contributes to maximizing selling opportunities and maximizing profit potential.  Invest in sales training for your bank employees, and you can bank on your increased sales revenue. 

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