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This sales training course has helped me clearly understand what works and doesn’t work in the real world. "D. Mitchener / Business Development Manager
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Sales Training Programs Deliver Top Performers

by Sean Kanan

Sales training programs can make your best sales performers even better.  Consistently raising sales goals and aggressively pursuing to surpass them is a thrill for every top level performer.  When you think your top sales performers have reached their best – sales training programs can be used to make them perform even better. 

Advanced sales training for your top performers can give your top sales performers the skills they need to surpass their record breaking sales goals.  The best can always get better - but that potential won’t be realized until the company takes aggressive goals to educate and train their sales professionals for continuous improvement, and insist that the training is used to improve sales goals.  If your company’s sales goals are set to reach $100,000, insist that not only must the sales person have $100,000 worth of sales, but there must be at least ten other existing accounts in addition to that $100,000.  When those sales goals become comfortably attainable, and the sales force becomes complacent, refresh your sales force with advanced sales training programs - then raise the sales goal after training is completed.  By implementing this recurring procedure as a standard sales strategy, your sales team will always improve, and your sales goals will always be pushed to their full potential.

When implementing a recurring sales training strategy for your top performers, put analytics into place prior to training to measure the ratio of training costs and sales improvements.  Over time, a trend will surface that will display which sales courses and sales training courses had the greatest effect on sales.  The training will also display a trend in the time frames between training, reaching attained goals, and complacency.  Room must be left in the analytics program to factor in other company metrics that would affect sales results. 

All training programs are not the same, and it is important to fully examine your staff’s abilities against the skills offered in the training course.  Money spent on redundant training will not result in long-term sales growth (but may result in a short term motivational spurt of growth).  Asking for direct input from the sales team on preferences for sales courses and sales training courses will ensure that the training program chosen will have a demonstrable impact on long-term sales results.  The sales courses should be advanced, fresh and relevant.  The training program must offer practical skills that can be used in the sales field.  Company role-playing with the newly acquired sales methods will reinforce the training and give your sales professionals time to personalize and perfect their skills, as well as provide them with ample time to discover any barriers or disadvantages that had previously gone unrecognized.

Advanced sales training courses and sales programs are an important part of a sales strategy that aggressively seeks continuous improvement.  By finding the most advantageous advanced sales courses and sales training courses and putting analytics into place before training begins, you will be able to clearly determine the return on your training investment.  Sales training is part of sales strategy – and it is the strategy that makes your best sales performers even better. 

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