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The entire sales course is a reminder of how we should conduct ourselves in sales meetings.  It’s a reality check!"
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What a Sales Training Provider Should Offer

by Sean Kanan

If you have never had to pick a provider for sales training before you may be wondering what makes a good provider and what makes one that you should avoid. Choosing the wrong provider can have serious financial implications both in the short term and in the long term as your sales teams will not be increasing their sales figures.

In order to make your selection much easier here is some information on what a sales training provider should offer you.

  • Sales courses that can be adjusted and amended in order to fit in with the products or services that your business is selling. If you are speaking with a provider of sales courses who is not able to custom make a course for your business you should look towards one that is prepared to do this. Good providers will have no problem in doing this for you as tailored training is exactly what businesses are looking for.
  • The option to have as many members of staff as you like taking sales training courses at the same time. All top providers will be able to accommodate groups of varying sizes, so even if you have a large or small business they will be able to create a course for sales training that will be suitable for a business of your size. While large business owners may have to run more than one training course a provider will not have an issue with this and will be able to train staff over a number of days.
  • The chance to use a professionally trained sales trainer who has many years of experience on the subject. When you are dealing with a good company to create sales programs you will be able to check the credentials of all of their trainers. If you find that a company is unwilling to provide this kind of information you should be naturally wary. All good training providers want to let their customers know why they should choose them and providing this kind of information should be second nature.
  • Training materials that can be used as coaching tool after the sales course is over. By having regular follow-up sessions you will be able to ensure that your staff are always on target. When you are dealing with a professional training company and they will leave you with materials to use with your staff once their course is over.
  • You should also be able to ask to see feedback from previous businesses who have used a particular provider. All training company should be more than happy to let you see this feedback as this can help them to secure your custom. You should not feel uncomfortable about asking for details of businesses that have used their services so that you can see how they rate the training provider. Remember that you are making an investment when you are purchasing sales training so you need to be sure that you are choosing the right company to deliver your training.

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