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Fear – The Art of Selling sales course does this; it has also given me renewed enthusiasm and excitement to sell!"
R. Lee / Sales and Solutions Manager

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Sales Training VS No Sales Training

by Sean Kanan

Deciding on whether or not you should pay for sales training can be a difficult decision to make. On one hand you want to make sure that your staff are able to access the sales courses that can benefit them.

On the other you may be wondering whether or not sales training courses are worth the money particularly if your sales teams are hitting their targets. So here are some of the differences between members of staff who have had sales training and those who have not.

Trained staff – are able to easily and confidently handle any calls that come into them. They are also able to convert the calls that they receive into sales as they have the skills needed to make customers feel valued and more likely to make a purchase.

Untrained staff - will often find it difficult to speak to potential customers on the telephone and this can lead to them not being able to build up a rapport with them. This will then lead to the call ended without a sale being made which is something that you will want to avoid in a sales environment.

Trained staff – will be able to take on board the new sales techniques that they have learnt while there are on a sales course. As times continually change it is vital that you make sure that your staff are all up to date with different ways of selling products.

Untrained staff - these are the people who will not have attended sales programs and who are still using outdated methods in an attempt to sell products and services to potential customers. These are often the people who have missed the boat and who have the lowest sales figures around.

Clearly these are the kind of staff that you do not need working for you, so as you can see it make sense to invest in sales training for all of your employees. Trained staff - are likely to have higher morale than those who are untrained and are more likely to stay working for your business and are less likely to look elsewhere.

As people put high importance on their careers if you are providing the right kind of training they will value you as an employer and will not be looking elsewhere for employment. Untrained staff – tend not to have as much loyalty towards you as an employer and are much more likely to look for alternative employment with better training.

When you have a large turnover of staff you will find that you are wasting a lot of time and money trying to train new starters up only to find that they leave in a few months. As you can see it makes much better sense for you to use sales training and get the kind of stuff that you can be proud of.

Without it you will find that your staff are failing to hit targets and do not have the commitment to your business that you want them to have.

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