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Cross-Training your Employees with Sales Training

by Sean Kanan

Sales training courses that cross-train your employees with the skills needed to sell, upsell, and cross-sell will maximize your labor to sales ratio, identify customer interests, contribute to product development, increase company stature, and increase revenue.  Cross-training sales courses maximizes your human resources – and profit.

Cross-training sales courses combine company knowledge with human factors to create a force that contributes to maximizing human resources and maximizing profit.  To maximize profit, every company must maximize the potential of their employees.  Human resources are one of the most valuable assets that a company has.  Despite advances in technology and manufacturing, people are still needed to create and run a business.  Just as products and services must be maximized for profitability, quality and customer satisfaction – so too do employees need to be maximized for the same qualities. 

sales training course or training program for your employees will result in an employee integration of company knowledge and sales skills that will develop natural campaigners for your product or service.  Profit increases with a profitable pricing strategy and the increased sales revenue that results from the sales training.  Quality increases when employees input customer data within a quality improvement data collection method - and the company actively regards and acts upon the data.  Many studies indicate that quality increases two-fold when data is applied during predevelopment phases.  Increased employee-interaction, communication and listening skills will result in higher customer satisfaction rates.

Customer satisfaction increases when employees communicate with customers and transfer their knowledge of a product or service in a manner that personally identifies with the customers.   Sales courses and sales training courses will train staff to completely satisfy the customer’s inquiries within company parameters and identify the customer’s key buying motives.   Every instance of an exchange of knowledgeable information and satisfaction between an employee and customer increases the company’s stature and credibility.  Sales training courses train more than just selling skills – they teach communication skills, knowledge management, and the applications of human factors in business.

Cross-training with sales courses and sales training courses on human factors and sales elements is a sales strategy used in many large successful companies.  A design and engineering company that specializes in reducing greenhouse effects cross-trains their engineering employees in human factor elements. Their clients include Microsoft, Apple and Pepsi – all of whom can talk to engineers directly.   IBM and AT&T cross-train administrative personnel.  Cross-training in sales significantly raises the talent of your staff.  That talent can also improve products.

Products and services may require major or minor changes to improve quality or customer satisfaction.  One minor change can make a major difference in sales.  Uncovering profitable minor changes is too often overshadowed by major product changes.  Trends can be readily undisguised when customer input comes from a company-wide view from staff well-trained in sales.  To fully maximize the customer-employee relationship for product development, complement your sales training with employee meetings which introduce and develop new products.  Company newsletters and written employee input can contribute to a customer-oriented product development culture as well.

Sales training for your employees so that every employee is cross-trained with foundational sales skills will maximize your human resources to profitably benefit your company.  Cross-training sales courses and sales training courses integrate company knowledge with profitability.  Every for-profit company has a mission to sell. Cross-train your staff with sales training, and your human resources will make your company mission a success.

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