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I enjoyed the sales training course thoroughly. It reinforced the 'Keep It Simple Stupid' (KISS) concept for me.

A highly motivating sales course."
C. Riga / Business Development Manager
Alloys International

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Sales Training on Silence – Learn How Silence Sells

by Sean Kanan

Sales training can teach your sales account executives the advantages of silence, as well as the art of conversation.  In sales, listening and observing is as important as communicating – and silence can facilitate communication. 

New account executives and over zealous sales professionals can learn how to effectively balance silence and communication to result in a closed sale with advanced sales training.

Advanced sales training on effective communication skills, presentation skills, and sales negotiation skills have one thing in common – they take into consideration the power of silence.  If your sales force has entry level account executives or over zealous sales professionals that haven’t mastered the art of silence, sales training can give your sales personnel or sales team the education and skills needed to gain trust, encourage questions, and facilitate beneficial decision making. 

Excitement and zealousness are worthy traits for any sales professional.  It’s hard to believe that a salesperson would exist who never felt excitement or an over zealousness for a product, service or sales goal.  However, emotions are a powerful sales tool – both to the sales professional and the potential buyer.  An over zealous sales person that approaches a potential customer after they just had their car broken into is likely to end up with nothing but a cold glare – even if they are selling car insurance.  An empathetic sales professional who is capable of pausing and listening is far more likely to close a sale (especially if he’s selling a theft policy).  Empathy is a sales skill that can be learned through sales courses and sales training courses.

Emotions drive the motives to buy and the resistance to buy.  Emotions will dictate whether a potential client will be receptive to a proposition or will be annoyed by a proposition.  Emotions also determine the level of communication – and no sale can be completed without communication.   Identifying and responding to emotions, before they are admitted or discovered through obvious reactions, is a skill that can be taught through sales courses and sales training courses. 

Sales training can also educate and train account executives and sales professionals how, and when, to listen.  In many cases, it’s easily recognizable that a potential client needs time to vent – for instance, if your appointment to make your presentation just happened to be right after the client’s car was broken into.  However, sales training can provide account executives with the skills to listen to what’s being vented to capture communication opportunities, rather than spend the venting opportunity to worry internally about what they’re going to say next (while they’re pretending to sympathize). It’s a skill that seasoned sales executives have mastered, and that new account executives think they’ve mastered.  Sales courses and sales training courses contribute to experience, and hasten success.

Pausing is a very important sales skill that many new account executives fail to use to their advantage.  Letting a person vent to the end allows the person to release their anger – and that anger is less likely to be reflected onto the sales person, and into the buying decision.  It is just as important to pause after product introductions and during sales presentations to allow for hesitated input and questions that could end up being valuable input that can help close the sale. 

Sales training on the virtues of silence can enhance your sales team professionalism and sales success.  Listening skills are taught in sales training courses that contain communication strategies, negotiation strategies, and presentation strategies.  There’s money in silence.  Once your sales team is trained to master communication skills with the art of silence, your team can let loose their zealousness while they share their new record high sales results.

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