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For someone with no sales experience, this sales training course has opened my eyes ...

A highly motivating sales course."
A. Plattfuss / Business Development Manager
Hannan IT

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Sales Training to Identify Key Buying Motives

by Sean Kanan

Advanced sales training increases sales by educating your sales team on how to identify key buying motives.  Your company’s product or service may have several valuable qualities – but it is likely the same quality will not be the same decision maker for all sales prospects.  Sales courses and sales training courses will educate your sales force on how to identify key buying motives and switch gears to close the sale. 

Sales training with advanced sales courses can train your sales force how to change gears in the middle of a sales presentation.  A copy and paste sales presentation may work to introduce a product or service, but it won’t always work to sell a product or service.  Sales courses and sales training courses can kick your sales team up to the next level, and train them to identify key buying motives and make the transition in their sales presentation from one that introduces a product – to one that sells a product.

Many businesses have marketing strategies in place that focus on key buying motives.  For instance, DuPont changed their sales and marketing strategies for their fiber Kevlar.  Marketing strategies changed to target key buying motives, rather than simply a need for the product itself.  Sales professionals were trained to identify and sell based on key buying motives for each individual niche.   This fiber is used by aircraft designers, who are sold on the product because of its strength-to-weight ratio; plant engineers, because of the sales presentation emphasizing asbestos-free pumps; and it is used by commercial fishing boat owners, because the fiber allows them to save fuel and hold more fish.  Each niche has a unique marketing plan and a niche sales approach.  Sales approaches to key buying motives can be learned and cultivated from sales courses and sales training courses.

It would not be so easy to mass-market a product based on key-buying motives.  Buying motives could range well above the thousands, and a marketing strategy with such an approach would not be cost-effective.  This is when sales courses and sales training courses can prepare your sales team to meet each individual sales opportunity with an eye towards identifying the potential customer’s key buying motive.  Through training, the sales team can acquire advanced communication, questioning and listening skills that promotes the sales professional’s advanced understanding of the potential customer’s wants and needs.  Advanced sales education and training can train the sales professional how to change a sales presentation midstream, and educate the sales professional on how to prepare for such a change. 

Sales training can turn your sales team into supplemental marketing strategists to help identify and sell products or services based on key buying motives.  If a marketing strategy exists to sell based on key buying motives, sales training will train your staff on how to do so with the greatest effectiveness that will lead to the highest potential for sales.  If there is not a marketing strategy based on key buying motives in place, sales training is the key to putting into place a micro-marketing strategy that utilizes your trained sales force.  Everyone has a reason to buy, and advanced sales training will train your sales staff to uncover that reason and turn a key buying motive into a profitable closed sale. 

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