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The sales training course provided compact, to-the-point information in a no-nonsense atmosphere. 

It has provided me with some new ideas."
H. Kolkman / Manager Business Development
IP3 Systems

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Sales Training to Influence Upper Management in a Non-Sales Environment

by Sean Kanan

Sales training courses for supervisors, middle-managers, and human resource professionals can provide negotiation skills necessary to influence upper management.  Upper management is often burdened with executive duties that blind them to the needs of staff.  Balance can be achieved by using the skills acquired in sales training courses.

Sales training on sales negotiation skills have the ability to educate supervisors, middle-management, and human resource professionals on the skills and knowledge needed to influence upper management.   Upper management is often shielded from company realities because they are engrossed in executive and investor relationships.  It is the job of the supervisors, managers, and human resource professionals to communicate staff needs and company needs to upper management, while still retaining the best interest of the company.  The education and skills gained from sales training and sales negotiation courses teaching basic and advanced sales negotiation can be used as a leverage to influence up, and convince upper management that your proposition for change is a worthwhile investment. 

Human Resource management personnel are often in a powerful position because they have extensive information on the turnover and morale of employees at all levels, as well as labor and benefit costs, company financials, and legal issues.  They are also in a position to meet with executive management on a regular basis.  However, they are also often limited in their power to improve employee turnover or morale because of executive management’s failure to see “soft” values that have big changes. 

A sales course for human resource management personnel can train the human resource manager to make presentations to executive management that turns soft proposals into an enticing venture with hard results that executive management can understand.  Every human resource manager can benefit from taking sales courses and sales training courses in negotiation skills.  It is a worthwhile investment professionally, and personally – as the skills used in negotiation can be transferred to any job, and even be used for personal negotiations outside of the work environment.

Supervisors and middle management likely have more restricted access to executive level management when compared to Human Resource management.  However, they have direct access to the intricacies of daily operations and the effect of daily operations on sales and staff.  They are also in direct contact with the staff on a daily basis.  Therefore, supervisors and middle managers possess a wealth of information that has significant impact on a company’s operations, sales potential, and profit and loss. 

Training in sales negotiations with sales courses and sales training courses will give supervisors and middle managers the leverage they need to present valuable ideas to upper management that benefits the overall profitability of the company, and appeases the staff as well.  Training in sales negotiations will help supervisors and middle management negotiate with upper management on behalf of the staff, and the sales training will help supervisors negotiate with the staff to accept proposals made by upper management.

Sales training and sales courses for supervisors, managers and Human Resource professionals provide the training, education and skills necessary to influence up - and influence down. Supervisors, middle management, and Human Resource personnel are often caught in the middle.  Sales training and sales courses can shape the “middle” position into one that balances the company and provides profitable returns. 

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