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A well thought out and presented sales training course.  I now feel much better equipped to negotiate and win business ..."

D. Prior / Software Solutions Manager
Kiandra System Solutions

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Sales Training to Develop High Potential Sales Managers and Promote Within

by Sean Kanan

Sales courses and sales training courses are available to turn a top sales performer to a sales manager, and turn a manager of a non-sales department into a sales manager.  Untapped or previously undiscovered potential can turn into a dynamic asset for your company when the right people are trained for the right job with professional sales training courses.

Sales training courses can educate and train a manager to sell and can educate and train a seller to manage.  It is not uncommon to observe an employee during daily business operations and witness their previously undiscovered talents to train, mediate or sell.  Sales management training and advanced sales courses can take potential and refine it to be expertly applied to benefit your company – and your profits.  By not considering the benefits of sales management courses and sales training to develop high potential managers from sales and non-sales employees, a valuable investment is missed.

If your company has discovered an exceptional employee who has high potential, or if your company is actively searching for a new sales manager, keep in mind that the talents of all employees should be taken into consideration, not just sales professionals.  A loan officer at a leading mortgage company was particularly adept at explaining processes and cultivating long-term relationships with co-workers.  Management noticed that employees were approaching this loan officer for advice.  He was offered the opportunity to attend training courses, and he shortly became the new sales manager.  From loan officer to sales manager he proved his talents, and paved his path to become the Senior Vice President at HomeBanc Mortgage Company, one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 best companies to work for. 

Barbara Cassani was in the planning division at British Airways, but was promoted to sales manager, and eventually chief of operations.  The return on investment from taking an employee from planning division and promoting them to sales manager?  She helped British Airways acquire and restructure another airline.  Recognizing high potential for a sales management position from outside the sales department can have lucrative returns.  Sales courses and sales training courses perpetuate the change.

High performing sales professionals can turn into high performing sales managers with sales manager training.  High performing sales professionals typically have above-average communication skills, and these skills can easily carry over to the effective employee communication skills needed in a sales management position, however sales management training can heighten communication skills to develop organizational communication. The new responsibilities that come with the nuances of sales management - territorial and diversification management, increased record keeping, hiring and firing, and human resource responsibilities - can be easily learned in sales training for new sales managers.  Experience will provide credibility and job knowledge, but sales manager training will turn a well-respected sales professional into to a well-respected sales manager that can expertly manage and drive sales to reach new goals.

Sales training and sales manager courses can broaden your prospects for a highly regarded sales manager position.  Sales courses and sales training courses are plentiful, affordable, and easily accessible.  The extent of training courses can be tailored to complement you future sales manager’s experience.  By recognizing the contribution of sales training and the potential value of its investment, your next high performing sales manager can be tapped from sales or non-sales employees.  Look for the winning formula of experience, ability, potential and training. You’ll find your next high performing sales manager sitting right inside your company doors. 

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