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"Fear – The Art of Selling was a very structured sales training course ...  Thank you very much Tim for your expertise and wisdom!"
J. Di Bennardo / Relationship Manager Investment Lending
ANZ Bank

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The Right Sales Training is Vital

by Sean Kanan

Making sales can be a complex role to fully understand and as a result everyone should have the right sales training. Learn why this kind of training is vital and why staff deserve the best. Sales are an area of industry that is highly competitive with everyone wanting to close the deal and hit their sales targets.

Before anyone is able to start selling products and services on behalf of a company they need to be trained in sales. As you would think sales training is a vital part of getting someone ready to take on a sales role.

With this in mind any business that employs sales staff needs to make sure that they get their training right. There are two ways in which a business can make sure that their staff are fully competent and able to make sales via their training.

One is to have in-house sales training and the other is to employ a company to deliver training and dedicated to sales staff. Clearly having in-house training is much cheaper than using a company, however this can be very problematic, particularly if the person delivering the training is not right for the role.

All too often companies will try to cut corners and save money by having their own staff train others. While this can be a useful part of training in sales, it certainly should not be the only way that new staff are trained.

Unfortunately one of the problems of getting existing sales staff to train new members of staff is that no two people will train a new starter in the same way. This can lead to inconsistencies and problems further down the line when it comes to being successful in sales.

In order to prevent these kind of problems from happening a company should invest in the right kind of sales training, delivered by an outside agency. By doing this a company can be sure of a quality training program that will teach their staff exactly the right way to handle sales calls.

Not only that but professional training companies will work with businesses and create a training package that is tailor-made for them. This ensures that all the staff are trained to exactly the same level and using exactly the same materials.

Professional sales training companies have years of experience and use the right methods and techniques to roll out training to staff correctly. They have plenty of ideas and the enthusiasm to work with new starters and give them the very best start in their new career in sales.

They will not teach new starters any poor habits and are able to spot any potential problems as they arise and deal with them effectively and efficiently. The failure to use the right sales training can lead to poorly qualified staff and a drop in sales figures.

Obviously this is the kind of situation that all businesses want to avoid, which means that getting the right training in sales is absolutely vital. So if you are in the sales business and you want to make sure that your staff are at the top of their game, choose the right kind of sales training and you will not be disappointed.

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