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The sales course helped me to find more sales in a better way.  It also gave me new ideas and opened my eyes to the art of selling."
D. Zrnic / Territory Manager
STAUFF Corporation

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Getting the Most from Sales Training

by Sean Kanan

To make your staff excel in sales you need to encourage them to get the most from sales training. Find out some hints and tips on how you can do this with ease. Prior to being able to make sales successfully everyone who works in a sales environment must undergo some kind of training.

Professional companies who want to have the very best staff will invest in professional sales training which will help their staff to succeed. This kind of training is usually delivered by an outside company who are specialists in providing training courses to a wide variety of different businesses.

If you have decided to use a professional training service to help you with your sales training you need to make sure that your staff put in 100% effort. So here are a few ways in which you can encourage your staff so that they are getting the most from sales training:

Make sure that all of your staff fully understand why you want them to undertake new training. For some staff it may simply be because they are new to the business and need to undergo basic training to get them up to speed with how sales should be made.

For any staff that have been with your company for a while, training may be simply a refresher, which is also really important. Tell your staff that you want them to focus on their training as it will help them to improve their sales figures which in turn will improve their commission.

Let your staff know that the training that you have provided for them will be delivered by professionals. This will let them know that you value them and you have gone out of your way to secure the services of training experts.

All too often staff will lose concentration and not take training seriously when it is delivered by a colleague. By employing a dedicated training company to deliver your sales training you are showing your staff that you are committed to their professional development.

Make sure that you fit in with your staff while they are going through their training. There are far too many managers that think that they have nothing to learn.

By joining in with staff training in sales you will be sending them the right message which will encourage them to get more from their training. You may even find that you learn a thing or two of yourself by undergoing excellent training in the area of sales.

It is also a good idea to choose a training company that will provide you with further training materials after the course has finished. These materials can then be handed out to staff and used as refresher material, should they need to refer back to it.

This can also be a massive help to anyone who wants to go over their sales training again once they are back on the sales floor. By following these tips and hints you and your staff can get the most from sales training.

Ensure that they understand how important it is and how it can further their careers. Once you have done this your staff will be keen to learn and will be dedicated to their training sessions.

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