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By attending this sales training course, I have become more confident and have adopted a more structured approach to my sales."
J. Tay / Account Manager
Tower Systems

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When Should Your Employer Offer You Sales Training?

by Sean Kanan

Working in sales can be fun and exciting and it can provide you with the opportunity to make a generous salary particularly if you work on a bonus system. If you have been in sales is a long time you might think that you do not need to further your knowledge with training.

However as many people realise once they embark on sales training it is never too late to learn something new. You may be working for your employer for a long time or you may just have started either way you might want to know when she's your employer offer you sales training.

To begin with every new starter will need to go on a sales training course if they are totally new to the world of sales. Employers should recognise this and be able to book places on sales courses that are delivered by professionals.

If you start work in a sales environment and you are not offered the right sort of training alarm bells should be ringing as your employer might not be keen to help you to develop as an employee. You should also be offered at sales training on a regular basis if you have been working in sales for some time.

Most companies will have coaching schemes that will see your call is being listened to by another member of staff and your performance assessed. While coaching is very useful it should really be used as a supplementary tool to sales programs that can be used to test how well you are doing in the workplace.

So if you have not been on a sales course for some time it could be the right time to approach your employer and ask them to sign you up for a bit fresher course. If your employer has a new range of products or is moving into a new market with a new target customer you need to be fully trained for when this happens. With the right kind of sales training you will be ready to tackle any challenge and speak to new customers.

When you do not have the knowledge and skills needed from training you could find that you are struggling with your calls and losing out to other staff who are more competent. Sales training should also be offered by your employer if you have been away from the workplace for some time.

For example if you have been on long-term sick or have returned from maternity leave. During these times is very easy to forget some of the tips and techniques of the trade that are vital when you are making sales calls.

When you return back to work your employer should be more than happy to provide you with training that will get you back up to speed. If you find that your employer is reluctant to do this you need to discuss your concerns with them further and get yourself the training that you need.

All good employers should understand the recognise this and have no difficulty with setting you up with the best training.

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