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Deakon’s sales training course is a highly stimulating journey into the ‘Art of Selling’."C. Chappell / Territory Manager
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The Power of Sales Training to Facilitate Product Development

by Sean Kanan

Sales training courses that improve communication and customer relationship management skills can also enhance your product line, innovate new product development and contribute to improving your bottom line.  A trained sales team can do more than just sell, they can communicate and create.

Training a sales team with sales training courses is an investment that can demonstrate higher returns on your sales, and facilitate product development and improvement.  If you are a forward-looking company that embraces competitive product development, consider the advantages that sales training with advanced sales courses on communication and relationship skills can bring to your product development team.

Sales professionals have a direct line of communication with the customers and the company.  They listen to what both sides want.  And if they’re good, they hear what both sides want.  By having direct access to customers, sales professionals also have direct access to their opinions.  Customers have opinions on current products and future product ideas.  Sales professionals with advanced sales skills have the ability to seamlessly harvest this information from customers and pass it on to management.  Sales training provides the advanced skills.

If your company currently uses an outside firm for professional market research, you are incurring an added expense that likely pays for inaccurate data. The data you are relying on started with a professional researcher who hired low-wage survey takers to do telephone surveys and mall surveys, and those surveys were sent to another person or firm for data tabulation, and the data tabulation was sent to someone else to write a report that was sent back to the professional researcher who hands it to you.  No personal investment.  Lots of room for misinterpretation and error.  Sales courses and sales training courses can train your sales professionals to collect and manage customer data.

Your sales team has direct and immediate access to you – right from the customer.  No room for error or misinterpretation. You both have profit as the goal, and both of you are far more likely to know what questions to ask, and what subjects to pry.  Advanced sales courses and sales training courses will give your staff the skills they need to not only to harvest information, but also the skill to manage it and communicate it.

In Japan, engineers are sent to talk with customers and dealers before designing a product.   The Japanese also make customer assessment a priority during the product development phase. Products are perfected during the development phase, rather than when problems arise after manufacturing (as is typical in the Western environment).   When customer assessment is used with a predevelopment emphasis, the chance of success increases by a ratio of 2:1 (per Industrial Marketing Magazine).  Your customers of tomorrow can increase by data mining your customers of today.  Advanced sales courses and sales training courses can train your sales professionals on the skills needed to effectuate their new active sales role in product development.

Sales training will train your sales professionals to be communication experts that can expertly harvest customer opinion and communicate it effectively and efficiently to the company while maintaining a customer relationship management system.   With sales training, your sales team will develop stronger relationships with their clients because of the increased communications, and customer satisfaction and loyalty will result.   Professional researchers will no longer need a slot in yearly budget forecasting, and you will posses data for new product development information faster than your competitors.  Sales training with advanced sales courses is a strategy that facilitates new product development, and bottom line success.

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