Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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I found the sales training course to be both character building and confidence building.  Thank you!"

G. Skourtis / Technical Sales Specialist
Laboratory Systems Group

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Sales Training for Telemarketers

by Sean Kanan

Sales training for telemarketers will give your telemarketers the skills and insight needed to sell independently, without script.  Telemarketers need to be educated and trained as strategic sales professionals to achieve the full benefit of telemarketing sales strategies.  Communication, customer management, and cross-selling skills are easily learned through sales training courses for telemarketers.

Sales courses and sales training courses were not created to train only the one-on-one seasoned sales executive or the ambitious company door to company door new sales person.  Telemarketers are sales professionals.  Sales training can turn your telemarketers into sales professionals.  If your telemarketers are still reading off a script, your sales are not meeting their potential.  Script reading can devalue company credibility and customer satisfaction.  Script reading hinders the telemarketer to take the customer on a personal tour through your product or service.  And now, more than ever, the Internet has armed customers with information on products, services, and your competitors.  The telemarketer’s potential customers and clients differ in their background, their stored memories and information, lifestyles, and key buying motives.  Selling off a script wipes out all of the experiences and motives that can inspire and initiate a closed sale.  Sales training creates more than improved selling skills, it increases confidence and motivation as well.

There is little doubt that a large telemarketing department needs consistency to make the department manageable.  But consistency in exceeding sales goals is more profitable than a consistency in sales pitch recitals.  Sales pitch recitals limit profit potential.  There is no room to improve the environment for the sale or encourage questions that might result in a sale.  Every customer has a unique personality, and every telemarketer has a unique sales personality.  Sales courses and sales training courses for your telemarketers will give them the skills they need to manage the independent nature of a potential customer, and the skills needed to incorporate their own personality into the formula.  Sales training does not create robots - it teaches people how to sell.  Sales training creates profit.

Courses in sales training for telemarketers can train a telemarketer how to define a product or service in a manner that will uncover the key buying motives from the potential buyer.  Product definitions can be complex.  Limiting a product description to a feature that pleases the masses will miss the sales opportunities to those who value other, previously unmentioned qualities of the product.  A well-informed and well-trained telemarketing staff will be able to disseminate the product or service qualities that are most likely to result in a closed sale with the current potential buyer.   One customer may be interested in specific materials or safety, another warranties or service, and yet another may be interested if it passes a particular test when used in a particular application scenario.  If a telemarketing staff is informed of all product specifications and qualities and has gained the necessary sales knowledge and skill set through appropriate sales courses, a product can be sold under all of these circumstances based on the customer’s key buying motive. 

Sales training for telemarketers turns script readers into sales professionals.  Telemarketers are hired to sell, but they cannot sell to their fullest potential if they are bound by a script, untrained in sales skills, and limited on their knowledge of the product or service. Training through sales courses and sales training courses for telemarketers will turn you telemarketers from a staff of enthusiastic readers to a staff of enthusiastic sales professionals.  Get rid of the script and train your telemarketers to sell.  At the end of the year, mediocre sales from your read-aloud story will be replaced by soaring profits from your telemarketing sales professionals.

For more information on sales training or to contact us, visit the website at http://www.deakon.com.au

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