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The sales training course was a fantastic insight into the possibilities in sales and a great start to my career."
D. Stanza / Business Development Manager
Friday Media

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Great Courses Available Through Sales Training Sydney Based Companies

By Sean Kanan

Many companies fail to realise that any difficulties keeping the sales team motivated can be addressed by encouraging them to participate in one of the many courses offered by sales training Sydney based organisations. Sales Managers have often thought that the lecture format of sales training course is not deliver the best results to the sales team.

While this may sometimes be so the reality is that a good sales trainer will be able to deliver great results regardless of the format of a sales program. Many sales experts who lecture on sales training skills and techniques also include humour in their presentations and by so doing engage their audience much better.

There is little doubt that a sales course that is in a lecture format with large numbers attending and a presenter who fails to incorporate any humour in his or her presentation will be a tiresome exercise for the participants. The experience will be very different if the presenter engages his or her audience with a few sales related jokes and stories with which they will all identify.

Research clearly indicates that more knowledge is retained when a few good laughs are also enjoyed in the learning process. This laughter cause an adrenalin rush and positive mood which is more conducive to learning. If you are a sales manager do not dismiss the lecture format particularly if you have a large number in your sales team The lecture format is the least expensive and many sales training Sydney based companies can offer an attractive sales program around a lecture format.

An alternative to the lecture style of presentation is a workshop structure which is also available through most sales training Sydney located organisations. The workshop structure will require greater input from the sales manager.

He or she should meet with the sales training Sydney based company and provide it with background information on the company’s business and the goods or services that it sells. With this information the sales training Sydney located organisation will be able to tailor a workshop sales program that will be relevant to the sales process undertaken by the sales team each day.

Being specific to your company will reap better outcomes because hurdles faced by the sales team can be addressed in detail and solutions found to make the way forward easier. Sales staff are under constant pressure to achieve targets and by providing them with the opportunity to succeed the sales manager will earn a lot of kudos from his team.

They will see the sales manager as supportive and someone they can approach when they face obstacles during the sales process. As a sales person it is difficult to stay motivated when one faces rejection on a regular basis. This can be addressed by one-on-one sales training as a follow up to any sales course.

By having this follow up the sales team can note where they strike obstacles and discuss these and how they might best be overcome when they meet with the sales trainer.

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