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The sales training course gave me an insight into new techniques and tools for selling and communication – lessons for work and life.  Thanks Tim"
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Source A Good Sales Training Sydney Based Group Online

By Sean Kanan

There are a myriad of sales training Sydney based companies competing for your training dollar. Go online and get a feel for the professionalism of some of these, meet with their representatives, and then make the decision as to which one you will retain for your company’s training purposes. Many sales training Sydney based companies tout for business just as they train others to do.

There will be the cold call approach where a training group will seek to ascertain the number of employees within an organisation and the training requirements which may be needed by them. Most sales training Sydney located groups will target the local area and with the CBD employing the majority of office and sales workers this is their preferred area to canvas.

Research indicates that those companies that invest in sales training reduce their staff turnover considerably which in turn is a huge cost saving for the organisation. While bosses often believe that it is only money that motivates staff the reality is quite different.

When employees are surveyed as to what they want most from their job, it is the opportunity for self improvement through training, be this a sales program or something else tailored to their particular role in the company. The CEO of a large organisation recently asked its HR department to conduct an interview of those sales staff that opted to move on to new positions elsewhere.

The purpose was to determine exactly why good staff decided to leave the company. In addition the CEO requested that the HR department measure the cost of taking on new recruits to replace those staff that had left and the time/cost involved in training them in their new role. While the company was not considered as being a “big payer” when it came to salaries, issues around pay did not feature as a reason why staff decided to leave.

The main reason that staff moved on to other jobs was the lack of investment being made by the company in the individual’s education and training and the perception that without this there would be no progression within the company. The cost of replacing the leaving staff member and training the incoming recruit was also measured and far outweighed the cost of a sales training Sydney based courses that were readily available in the CBD area.

The company realised that they were losing good sales staff because of their failure to invest in a sales program that could be either directed to individuals or the sales team as a whole. The cost of sales training courses provided on a regular basis with good follow up from the sales training Sydney based company was insignificant when compared to the cost incurred when a good sales operator was lost to another company.

As a result of the internal survey and measurements conducted by the HR Department the company researched sales training Sydney based courses on offer, met with their short listed selection and put in  place a comprehensive sales training program that all members of the sales team could engage with and benefit from. Not only did resignations drop but performance of the sales team increased dramatically.

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