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Planning and confidence were the two main areas that I wanted to improve upon. Fear – The Art of Selling helped me a lot in both these areas and taught me new skills that I will use forever."
L. Salmond / Account Manager

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Sales Training Sydney Based Organisations Have a Lot to Offer

By Sean Kanan

Many Sydney businesses have struggled through the global financial crisis by cutting costs but one area where many have continued to invest is in courses offered by sales training Sydney based organisations. Many business analysts have confirmed that when the global financial crisis hit, most companies looked to reduce their expenditure and many identified an easy cost fix by reducing the amount spent on sales training Sydney based courses.

While sales training courses can be expensive this is not always the case. There has been increasing competition within sales training Sydney based organisations and over the past 18 months the cost of courses has reduced slightly as a result.

As a business owner or senior sales manger within a company you may now be able to have a sales program tailored to your specific needs and for the goods or services you offer to customers. As a general rule it is agreed that basic sales skills and techniques acquired through training will serve an employee well regardless of the goods or services he is selling on a business-to-business basis.

If however you are wanting your sales team to excel then investing in sales training courses even when times are tough will pay off in the shorter and longer term. There are many sales training Sydney based organisations touting for your business. Many will advertise in the newspapers or city CBD metro magazines but many also promote themselves through their online websites.

If you are believe that your sales staff could perform better by undertaking an in-house sales program or are confident that a more generic sales course would serve your purposes then check out the sales training courses on offer by Sydney sales training companies. You should check out a few different companies to get a proper insight into the types of courses they offer and the content and format of same. Many sales training Sydney based groups have the facilities to accommodate large numbers in a sales training program.

Alternatively you may consider that a smaller workshop format would be better received by your sales staff. Such workshops are more hands on and the feedback form participants is often more favourable – they feel that they get more out of the work shop scenarios where practical role-playing can be utilised to assist them in working through how to best make a cold call, follow up a referral, close a deal.

The trainer is much more hands on in the workshop format and can quickly identify any lack of experience or skills in your staff. From there it is always possible to then arrange a one-on-one session with each member of the staff and the trainer to support the employee in their sales role. Some sales training Sydney based organisations also provide in-house presentations either on a once off basis or more regular attendances.

All three formats – large presentation in a lecture style environment, the workshop and the one-on-ones will be worthwhile investments by the business and result in improved sales staff productivity.

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