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Sales Training Sydney Based Groups Offer One-On-Ones to Their Clients

By Sean Kanan

Good sales training Sydney based groups are now encouraging businesses to include one-on-one follow ups for their sales team after they have completed a sales program. With any sales course it has been proven that by including the one-on-one follow up arrangement within the sales course, the sales team stay on track and continue to apply what they have learned.

This in turn delivers better sales results and the team remains motivated and enthusiastic. There is obviously a greater expense in adding the one-on-one follow ups to a sales course but the investment is well worthwhile when results are measured. Research clearly shows that any sales team that also has access to the sales trainer on a one-on-one basis after completing a sales course will exceed targets set on on-going basis.

Unlike those who only attend a half day or one day course and then have little professional training thereafter, those that have the opportunity to meet with the sales trainer on a weekly or fortnightly basis during the 6 months following the course stay on track and remain upbeat as targets are consistently achieved. These participants were more motivated and handled rejection much better than those who attended a sales course but did not have access to the trainer on an on-going basis.

With the additional follow on attention the members of the sales team can make a note of any difficulties they face in the sales process – have they found it hard to maintain momentum when cold calling? Have they been unable to obtain referrals form existing clients and if so why?

Are they having less success converting leads to a closed sale? Sales training Sydney based groups have addressed this by including the one-on-one offering to their clients. The feedback from those participating in an extended sales course has been very positive. They feel valued by the company and appreciate the investment being made in improving their sales skills.

They are more secure in their role in that they feel that by investing in them the company must see a future for them in the organisation. All these positives are in addition to the fact that sales targets are more readily achievable and the challenge of exceeding them is high on the agenda for all. Where each member of the sales team has access to a trainer on a individual basis the team is much more cohesive and sharing in the difficulties and solutions that they find for different hurdles.

This makes for a boned and happy team environment. Sales training Sydney based organisations have long realised these benefits but it is only recently that companies have acknowledged than and been prepared increase their spend on sales training. One company executive that was recently interviewed was excited about the improved results his sales team had achieved after a sales program and one-on-one opportunity was offered to his sales team. “We had wonderful results.

The sales team was much happier and motivated and our sales went through the roof!” he said.

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