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Sales Training Sydney Based Organisations Doing Well In The CBD

By Sean Kanan

There has been an increase in business for sales training Sydney based companies offering sales courses on a lecture, workshop and one-on-one basis. While we would all like to have a one hundred per cent strike rate when selling our goods or services this is simply an unrealistic scenario.

The goods you are selling on a business – to – business basis will not always be needed by your prospect but it can nevertheless be demoralising if one has a run of rejections during the working day. The business of a number of sales training Sydney based organisations has increased as they are asked more and more  to create a sales course or sales program for a client’s sales team which will  teach them the sales techniques as well as the skills required to handle rejection situations without becoming disheartened.

These sales training Sydney based groups have recognised the need for a comprehensive approach to sales training that goes beyond a half day sales course and delivers much greater benefits for the client and their sales team. The sales groups have developed a better sales program by including a staged training approach.

This involves and initial meeting with the sales manager to determine what it is they want from the sales team and where improvements in skills are required to achieve this. By having a few meetings with the sales manger the sales training Sydney based organisations are able to put together a much more relevant sales program for their CBD clients.

Most sales training groups will have access to facilities where the sales team can attend a lecture format on general sales techniques and skills. In addition it may be worth considering some in-house sales workshops where the team can work through particular scenarios which have caused them difficulties in the past.

Because the trainer has familiarised him or herself with the goods and services offered by the company he or she is much better prepared to provide constructive suggestions and solutions to hurdles faced in the business to business sales cycle. The team is also less intimidated when these workshops are conducted in-house and each of them will benefit form the different scenarios as they are played out.

It gives them a very hands on view of how to make a successful cold call, the approach that should be taken when one hits rejection, how to bring the prospect round to agreeing to a meeting and best to employ the sales training skills to close the deal. Sales training Sydney based organisations have long recognised that ole playing in a work shop course is a very effective way to convey learning skills.

In addition to a lecture or workshop sales program the CBD based organisations often offer one on one follow up training to businesses that are local to them It is not a time consuming exercise to arrange an hour appointment, cross town for it and discuss any issues that may be causing a sales team member any disquiet.

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