Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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This sales course reinforced the need for preparation before visiting a customer.  I look forward to putting all these skills into action."
I. d’Argaville / Sales Engineer

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Go Online To Check Out Good Sales Training Sydney Based Organisations

By Sean Kanan

Many HR Managers or Sales Managers are unsure of where to start when looking for a sales training Sydney based organisation to provide sales courses to their staff. Most sales training Sydney based organisations will advertise their services in business magazines and sales related publications but for the most part they promote themselves online.

If you are in Human Resources or hold a Sales Manager role within your organisation check out the internet when you are thinking of retaining the services of a good sales training Sydney company that is local to your business. The standard procedure would be to search the internet and determine which of the many sales training Sydney based groups appeals to you and then call a few of them to get an idea of the types of sales training courses they offer and the prices charged.

These will vary depending on whether your sales team participate in a generic sales course that is on offer to the applicants who are considering a career in sales and are seeking some general information on the latest sales techniques and skills. This may suit your purposes as a first step but it is more likely that a tailored sales program would better suit your needs. By proceeding with a tailored course you will have greater input into the course content and can also ensure that the skills and techniques taught are relevant to your business’s particular services or goods.

By taking a tailored sales program your sales team will more likely embrace it because of its real relevance to the company’s product or service and the business-to-business sales process that delivers a “closed deal” outcome. If for example your sales team is selling financial services to other professions such as accountants or financial planners as a value-add to their clients the sales course can be built around this service and identify the best approach when selling to professionals.

This is obviously quite different to a sales team selling paper products into an office. The approach in this situation will be much less intense in that there is little explanation required about the goods being sold. Most offices are familiar with copying paper requirements and the sale is likely to turn on paper quality and price. With financial services on the other hand the sales process is likely to be longer in that the accountant or financial planner will want to build up trust in your sales or business development managers so that they are confident that in recommending your financial services, clients will be well looked after and placed into mortgage and other products that best suit their needs.

There are many good sales training Sydney located groups who can tailor a sales program for you and your sales team. To get the best results you will need to put in a few hours with them to outline the product or service your company sells, its target market, some background information about the company itself and the experience of the sales team. Simply by going online, identifying a good sales training organisation and putting in the legwork to develop a tailored sales program you have positioned the sales team to achieve great results.

For more information on sales training or to contact us, visit the website at http://www.deakon.com.au

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