Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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This was a very engaging, interactive and informative sales training course."

J. Bayly / Sales Engineer

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What to look for in sales training Melbourne

by Sean Kanan

Checking out the various options for sales training Melbourne can appear very time consuming. Many people who are looking for a good sales course for their sales team members might even think that all courses are the same.

However these courses are not all the same which means it is vital that you know what should be included in the best sales training Melbourne companies can make use of. So before you start searching the market here are a few of the aspects of sales programs that you need to check out.

  • All sales training courses need to be suited to the people who will be going on them. If you have employees in your organisation who have a great deal of sales experience they will get more from a course that is further advanced than anyone who is new to the business. You could find that it makes sense to split your employees into two groups for some of the training if there is a distinct gap in sales skills. This really makes sense if you have recently had an influx of new employees who need to get their training started.
  • What will the outcome be after your employees have gone through their sales training? You want to be able to choose a course that will make a difference to the performance and successes of your employees. When you are searching for the sales training Melbourne based companies can use you will be able to ask different providers how their training impacts on the businesses they deliver it to. You want to be sure that the training you go with will be beneficial to everyone who sits in on it, so discuss the outcome in great detail before you sign on the dotted line.
  • How long will sales training courses run for? One mistake that a lot of business owners and managers make is thinking that excellent sales training can be completed in a day or less. If you are planning on running a refresher course of sales techniques this is fine. However if you are looking for a course that goes into finding prospects, handling objections, making cold calling work for you, setting appointments and more you will not get through this in one day. It is essential that everyone who works for you understands the sales process from start to finish so you must provide them with the right training.
  • You should also look for sales training Melbourne based courses that your employees will engage with. This means choosing a trainer or trainers that are highly experienced and able to build a fast rapport with your sales teams. By doing this you will be making sure that the sales courses that your employees go on will grab their attention and they will want to learn from them. There is certainly nothing worse than putting your sales teams through training that they do not take notice of and do not benefit from in any way.

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