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Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another."

Gilbert K. Chesterton

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Is Sales Training Melbourne Based Offered By Your Recruitment Agency?

by Sean Kanan

If you are an employer who is regularly looking for sales staff you will enjoy significant benefits if you build a relationship with a sales training Melbourne based recruitment agency who is in the business of job placement but also includes sales training in the services that they offer to prospective candidates listed with them and business partners utilising their services. While most recruitment agencies market themselves as all encompassing when it comes to job placements those that have chosen to specialise in the field of sales positions only have expanded their business to include a good sales training programmes.

Why have they done this? Rather than simply vet a candidate from the point of experience and presentation, sales recruitment agencies go the extra step and have candidates complete sales training Melbourne based so that when recommending a candidate to a business the agency is confident that they have the necessary sales skills to succeed in the new sales role on offer. By having a candidate undertake a recognized sales training Melbourne course all parties benefit.

The agency builds an excellent reputation for recommending suitable and well trained candidates; the candidates have a competitive edge when they present at job interviews knowing they can confidently fulfill the sales role on offer; the employer can be confident that by taking on the new recruit they will only need to put in minimal time with basic sales training and can focus on building the candidates product knowledge so that he or she is well equipped to sell it.

The intensive but comprehensive sales training Melbourne programmes provide the candidates with all the necessary sales skills and latest techniques to be a successful sales person.  Surveys of employees and employers who have used the services of sales recruitment agencies that also offer sound sales training Melbourne courses show that:

  • Sales training increases a company’s revenue & profits because the company has employed new staff who already have not only the characteristics & motivation required to embark on a professional sales career but also the right combination of skills and selling techniques.
  • Sales training will reduce the employer’s expenses and time input on basic skills. Rather they are able to focus on building up product or service knowledge.
  • Candidates undertaking sales training before they interview are more confident in the interview process and have a higher success rate with their job applications.
  • On-going sales training Melbourne based also means that the candidate has an opportunity to discuss any hurdles they may be facing in an unpressurised environment. The on-going sales training is standard procedure as opposed to being perceived by the individual and perhaps the sales team as an inability to cope in the new role.

When considering which recruitment agency you will use when seeking sales staff check online for those that specialise as sales recruitment agencies, that offer initial recognized training courses in their vetting process and also on-going sales training support for any new candidate taken on board by the company.  

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