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Sales Training Melbourne A Must For New Recruits

by Sean Kanan

For most, a sales job can be extremely intimidating therefore any employer must ensure adequate sales training is provided to all new staff. Whether new employees have had previous sales training through other sales positions or not, sales training Melbourne based can be a valuable investment for Victorian companies employing new sales staff.

Sales training Melbourne empowers sales staff with the tools needed to help achieve the results required. Given that most companies require sales staff to meet a set target or goal based on sales volumes, sales training is essential to helping them achieve these goals.

There are many companies offering sales training Melbourne courses whether they be an introduction to sales or further development of skills already held. A good sales training programme will cover a number of skills such as:

1. How to identify whether a customer is truly predisposed to buy from them
2. Howe to clearly deliver value statements that reiterate the benefits of the product, service or solutions being sold
3. Making contact with the desired person/department that will prompt a positive response
4. Learning how to get through to the right person  within a company – breaking past the a protective receptionist
5. Cold Calling techniques which can maximise positive outcomes
6. The art of leaving voicemail messages which will encourage recipients to return  your call
7. Identifying specific sales techniques which relate to specific prospects, ensuring the most effective communication with them
8. Develop listening skills and non-verbal communication technique to encourage rapport building with prospects
9. Setting clear objectives
10. Effective questioning technique to make the most of your opportunities
11. Clearly demonstrate value to potential customers to ensure commitment
12. Utilising advanced negotiation principles and tactics to help achieve goals
13. Learn tactics to avoid or limit objections and deal with any that do occur with confidence
14. Ensure a quick close on sales
15. Improve time management skills – many new sales recruits flounder because they are not able to manage their time effectively.

All of the above selling skills are critical if a new recruit is to succeed in a sales role. If you go online you can quickly identify those recruitment agencies that also offer sales training Melbourne based programmes. Most programmes are quite comprehensive in their content but try to check with the agency and seek references from candidates who have participated in such a course to obtain feedback before committing to participating.

There are many well recognized sales training Melbourne courses such as Fear – the Art of Selling which with skilled trainers conducting the course will provide any new recruit with a sound foundation for any sales role. Obviously communication skills are one of the main requirements for a skilled sales person and most of the above sales training components are largely based on developing and honing both verbal and non verbal communication skills.

In addition to communication skills a good sales training Melbourne course will also cover time management, presentation, planning and problem solving skills. All of the above, when developed successfully through a good sales training Melbourne based programme, will result in a strong sales professional for your business.

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