Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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Innovative Recruitment Agencies Now Offering Sales Training Courses

by Sean Kanan

Many candidates looking for new employment opportunities in sales often check online for recruitment agencies with the initial thought of simply organising an appointment with them, registering and then waiting for prospective job offers.

When contemplating using the services of recruitment agencies check out what other services they may be able to offer you that will enhance your job prospects in sales and marketing. Many recruitment agencies are now offering quality sales training courses to candidates who register with them. Quite often people who think that sales might be their strong suit ultimately discover that such a position is not fro them. This invariably happens after the event and after individuals have invested considerable time and money in up-skilling their sales techniques.

While have good sales skills is obviously important in any sales role, your personal characteristics and presentation can be equally as important. If you do not have certain attributes or the motivation required to stay on track and reach set performance targets or sales figures you will struggle in any sales role, particularly if you are working in a very competitive work environment or have little support by way of on-going sales training courses.

With this in mind when determining a suitable recruitment agency consider those that offer more than just a job placement. Look to see what other sales training ocurses they might provide and whether once completed there is an on-going sales support programme in place to ensure you remain motivated and enthusiastic about your new sales role.

It can be disheartening if you have completed a sales training course, obtained a new and exciting position in sales and then because of a lack of support or fear of the sales process you fail to achieve goals that you initially thought to be easily attainable. If you work with a recruitment agency that provides an assessment process that determines you have the necessary attributes for sales, that has an on-going support system in place whereby they can assist you to stay on track, work with you to refresh your sales skills then your chances of a long term career in the sales field will be significantly enhanced. The follow-up after any sales training courses you undertake is imperative if you really want to be successful in any sales or marketing role.

It is also important that the sales training courses you undertake not only provide you with basic sales skills but also can tailor their training to suit the sale of particular product. If you have a preferred industry within which you want to work then try to enrol in sales training courses that can give you some good tips on techniques that are relevant to that industry. Obviously the sales training for something in retail is quite different to the sales training and techniques employed in the finance sector. Your method of prospecting for new business leads, your telephone technique, your presentation when meeting with a potential customer require an entirely different approach.

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