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What to Look For In Sales Training Courses

by Sean Kanan

The content and quality of sales training courses available in the Australian market varies widely. If you are thinking about starting out on a career in sales or if you are a business owner wanting to recruit new sales staff or offer training to your existing sales team then here are a few things you should look for when considering the many sales training courses available in Australia.

Does the sales training course provide an assessment process and report that actually identifies a candidate as having the attributes required to make him or her successful in a sales role? While many people believe that a sales role is an easy one to fulfil, the reality is that to succeed as a professional salesperson you need to have certain characteristics. If you do not have the right attributes and motivation required for sales then even though your skill sets and presentation might be adequate you will undoubtedly struggle to achieve targets in any pressurised situation.

Check to see that the sales training courses on offer include a personal “suitability” assessment so that before embarking on a sales career and incurring costs for any sales courses you have identified that as a candidate you, or if in business, your new or existing sales staff fit the characteristics deemed necessary to ensure success in a sales role. If as a business you are looking to recruit new sales personnel then make sure that the recruitment agency you retain has these assessment tools in place. This will ensure that the candidate that the recruitment agency recommends to you has been screened and found suitable for the sales role you are seeking to fill.

Is the content of the sales training course such that it is not general in nature but rather offers in-depth training as well as being tailored to specific product? Many sales training courses offer what might be considered superficial training in sales skills – prospecting and how to increase sales leads, presentation skills and closing techniques. A quality sales training programme goes beyond this to look at innovative sales techniques – they utilise proven sales training courses such as “ Fear – The Art of Selling” which has had enormous success in providing  participants with the skills required to ensure that they achieve their goals in whatever sales career they choose.

Does the sales training course if linked with recruitment provide for a probationary period during which you can personally assess the suitability of the candidate? Many sales training courses offer short training sessions without any follow up or probationary period. Make sure that when determining your short list of recruitment agencies and/ or sales training courses you only include those that provide a probationary period within which the candidate will be replaced at no cost should their performance not be acceptable to you.

If you are determining a suitable sales training course for existing sales personnel then ensure that the cost of the sales course includes some on-going follow-up component. All too often sales staff members are initially motivated after completing a sales training course but this wanes because there is no follow-up to assist them to stay on track and reach performance targets. The follow-up is a critical part of any sales training programme. If such follow-up is not included within the sales training courses you are considering then it should not make your short list.

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