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The Right Staff and Sales Training Courses Will Make All the Difference to Profitability

by Sean Kanan

There are a myriad of sales training courses on offer to those individuals and businesses endeavouring to improve their sales performance. To source good sales training courses you are best to check out a few websites and compare the services that are offered and the price for these.

Many businesses underestimate the benefits of formal sales training not only from a business perspective – statistics show that sales results are enhanced when formal sales training courses are undertaken – but also from the perspective of the individual employee who values the opportunity to improve his or her sales skills and hold qualifications to evidence their commitment to a career in the areas of sales and / or marketing.

Many sales training courses are just that - providing the bare minimum in their programmes to anyone who enrols. Some of the more professional operators in this training field are often affiliated with sales recruitment agencies and as such deliver a wider range of services to businesses or individuals who undertake sales training courses with them. These additional services often include assessment processes which can accurately identify new candidates seeking work, who have the right combination of skills and characteristics as well as the all-important motivation to succeed in a professional sales career.

This aspect of recruitment agency services is invaluable because it ensures that businesses and / or individuals can be confident upfront that a candidate has the necessary profile and attributes to embark on a sales career. Having completed an assessment, a comprehensive recruitment report is generally provided to the business or individual.  Such a process is particularly useful for the employer in that it minimises the risk of hiring someone who may present well but in fact is unsuitable for a sales role. There is little point in investing further time in and training of a candidate or oneself if those basic sales drivers are not present at the outset.

In most cases recruitment agencies do not have such a professional approach to the placement of staff. When selecting a recruitment agency or deciding upon which of the sales training courses best suits your needs consider whether the offering is simply a sales training exercise or a more comprehensive service which includes the above assessment and reporting as well as a follow-up process.

Often once sales training courses have been completed or a candidate is placed in employment there is little or no follow up by either the recruitment agency or the sales training course provider. Identify those businesses that do provide on-going support to you and your new sales recruit. Evidence shows that such back-up support ensures that sales personnel remain on track and motivated to succeed, which in turn delivers higher profitability for the business.

As suggested, check online for those businesses offering sales training courses and then thoroughly investigate the extent of the services offered. Do not settle for a short sales training programme that does not include any follow up process but rather select one that undertakes a comprehensive assessment, determines a candidate’s sales suitability, undertakes training and then sticks with you and your business to build on  learned sales skills, maximise performance and improve profitability.

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