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Working or Considering a Career in Sales? Get Online For Sales Courses To Ensure Success.

by Sean Kanan

The internet is a very useful tool when you are contemplating a new focus or career change. Before taking any steps in relation to a sales position check out the sales courses available online. If you are currently working in sales but would like to up-skill your sales techniques or have decided that you would like to move into sales, to improve the chances of success (be it better results in your existing role or in any job application) then you would be wise to explore the many sales courses available in the market.

There are a number of sales courses offered by Australian training organisations – some of these are online, others conduct training on one-on-one, group workshops or in-house training where there may be a number of sales staff within a business.

If you have an existing job in sales and feel that you would benefit form additional training take the initiative and check online as to what might be available and affordable to the employer for whom you are working. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option – you want to make sure that the sales courses you suggest if you put in a request for training (for yourself or a sales team you manage) are best positioned to deliver improved performance and results for the company.

Research indicates that those sales courses that offer short term training without any on-going support are less likely to deliver better results in the long term. While most self –improvement, educational  or sales courses will bolster performance in the initial period after completion, for sustainable performance and results it is important that sales courses you put up for consideration also provided post-completion follow up. Such sales courses better ensure that staff stay on track and remain committed to implementing the vital steps of the sales processes they have learned. It can be difficult to “stick with the programme” without such support.

If you are considering a career change (tired of administration or clerical work?) then you would be best to look for recruitment agencies that offer sales courses and assessments in the first instance. If you simply apply directly for a sales job that takes your fancy, your lack of experience and sales training would negate your chances of success. If on the other hand you work with a recruitment agency, undertake an assessment test that affirms your suitability for a sales role, complete one of their recommended sales courses you will be much better positioned to succeed in an sales interview process. Having worked with the recruitment agency you will also have built up a rapport and relationship with them and they will be keen to recommend and assist placing you in a good sales role.

You have the opportunity to vet the employer – again go online and check the business out – this is to your benefit ( do you think you will be a good fit and enjoy working with the organisation?)but also gives you the firing power to impress a potential employer. Not only can you refer to your own research on the business but by finding out more about a company’s operations you will be well placed to ask and respond to questions. Employers are always impressed when a potential new recruit has taken the initiative in this area – it demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm for the job. This combined with your commitment to undertaking sales courses will stand you in good stead in any job interview.

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