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The sale begins when the customer says yes."

Harvey Mackay

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Sales Courses Are A Must For Big Business.

by Sean Kanan

Building a strong and successful sales team is an imperative for big business and one way to bolster sales is to encourage staff to participate in sales courses on a regular basis.Competition in the marketplace today is enormous and the value of a sales team that is motivated and successful cannot be underestimated.

Big business pours millions of dollars into sales training for existing and new recruits, but are they selective in the sales courses they choose? Many sales courses seemingly offer good content and a brief search online will provide ample choice for those seeking a sales training programme. What many businesses, large and small fail to identify is extent of the services offered by sales courses.

When retaining the services of a recruitment agency most will offer a free replacement should the initial candidate fail to perform. But apart from the actual sales courses that may have been undertaken by existing staff or the newcomer what else has been done or is offered to give you confidence that your new recruit will succeed? These are the questions you need to ask when considering sales courses for existing or new staff.

One aspect that is important when looking for sales staff is that they are actually equipped with the attributes required for a person to succeed in a sales career. It can be an expensive exercise to employ and train someone in sales only to find that they do not have the characteristics or motivation required to achieve in sales. Sales skills which can be learned are obviously important but unless the candidate for a new job has the character for sales then it is unlikely they will be able to sustain a long term career in this field.

A limited number of sales courses offer a preliminary character assessment – the model and questions enables them to clearly identify the suitability to a sales job of a new candidate or an existing sales team member who may be under-performing. Good recruitment agencies that also offer sales courses will provide this type of assessment service and comprehensive report which if positive on the sales characteristics front will give you and the candidate confidence that he or she has the attributes and motivation to make a success of a career in sales.

Another service offered with a limited number of sales courses is follow-up training. We have all experienced the boost that any training or educational course initial gives to our confidence and performance. In reality this initial enthusiasm can diminish with time and performance drop back to pre sales course training levels. To avoid this or to at least minimise the risk of it happening, good sales courses also provide follow-up training. This ensures that the existing team or a new recruit stays on track, does not become de-motivated and feels supported in reaching his required sales volumes.

It is difficult for an individual to keep motivated without some encouragement and input from management. Sales courses that provide on-going support for an initial period following completion of training will provide business with a much better result long term. Not only will the candidate feel valued and supported but business profit should also improve significantly.

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