Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman and not the attitude of the prospect."

W. Clement Stone

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Business Will Prosper If Your Sales Team Participates In Sales Courses

by Sean Kanan

Many small businesses are reluctant to spend on sales courses for their sales team especially if the team is generally reaching its targets. Small business needs to understand that spending on training is an investment that will deliver increased profitability.

There are a number of sales courses that small business can access to further improve sales results in their company. Whether you are a retailer, in car sales or mortgage broking, statistics indicate that encouraging your sales team to participate in sales course improves your sales and increases loyalty. With sales staff there performance is easily measured. If your team see that you are supporting them in their sales efforts by making sales courses available to then they will value this. It not only demonstrates your desire to help them reach sales targets it also improves the comraderie and morale of the sales team as they work together and take ownership for producing  results for the company.

There has been considerable research completed on organisational culture – the importance of the working environment to staff. While competition between staff can motivate them if it becomes too fierce it is a destructive force. In structuring your offering to a new sales recruit consider a package that provides a basic retainer, commission that reflects individual effort, a group bonus and opportunities to participate on a reasonable regular basis in sales courses.

Most businesses prefer sales courses that offer workshop facilities or are able to conduct their sales training on site. The latter may seem a to be an option but if you have a small sales team of even a sole sales person then the workshop environment has proved very successful. Research shows that participating in sales courses on a workshop basis allows candidates to bounce ideas of each other and learn about those sales techniques that have been successful for participants. The sharing of knowledge combined with the opportunity to run live sales scenarios has proven very beneficial to those undertaking sales courses offering such these options.

As noted many sales courses will offer in-house training sessions and this may be the most cost-effective option for you but bear in mind that in taking his path your sales team will miss out on the more interactive environment offered by the workshop process.

Small businesses also can access a myriad of online sales courses but the general consensus is that these will only provide the basic concepts of selling and without one-on-one training and more importantly personal follow up, an online course may not necessarily provide your staff with any significant benefits. The online sales courses are general in nature and there is no scope to tailor a sales programme to suit your particular situation. The sales courses offering workshop or in-house options are much more likely to be better received by your sales team and ultimately deliver a  much better return on your investment.

Make the performance of your sales team even better and enrol them in sales courses this year.

For more information on sales courses or to contact us, visit the website at http://www.deakon.com.au

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