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In selling as in medicine, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice."

Tony Alesandra

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Sales Courses Boost Chances of Success in Any Sales Role

by Sean Kanan

There is no doubt that many salespeople do quite well with limited training but if you are really looking to become a professional sales person then it is important to stay abreast of selling trends and participate in good sales courses on a regular basis.

Product knowledge is one of the keys to achieving sales targets. A customer expects that any professional sales person will be well-informed about the product they are selling and be in a position to respond confidently to any questions raised. Whether you are selling a motor vehicle, financial services or in the retail business your product knowledge will either leave a lasting or forgettable impression. It will also contribute significantly to your success rate. This said your sales skills are also important and the only way to keep up with new sales techniques is to participate on a regular basis in sales courses.

The content and quality of sales courses is varied so do your research online and check out just what is available and whether it offers real value for money. One of the mistakes made by new entrants in the sales area is to select cheaper sales courses that only provide the basics in sales methods. It is obviously important that you learn the sales process – how to prospect, key content of any prospecting call, how to manage the customers expectations, how to convert a lead to a sale but this basic training is just a starting point and on its own is unlikely to guarantee any kind of real success in a sales career.  For a little extra in cost you are far better to consider those sales courses that also offer an assessment process and the possibility of employment once you have completed the sales courses.

What is an assessment process and what added benefit will it give you? The fact is that while you might think you are the ideal sales candidate without a proper assessment of your personal traits and attributes there is no certainty that sales is in fact where you should be. From general experience you will know yourself that the characteristics required for an administrative or managerial role are quite different to those you see in the personalities in a sales team. By short-listing sales courses that also screen you for “sales suitability” you may well end up saving considerable time and money. A comprehensive assessment offered as part of the content by a select group of sales courses can be invaluable and enlightening. You may find that in fact your personality is not suited to sales while on the other hand it could well be that your attributes and motivation factor indicate potential for a successful long term career in sales. Look for those sales courses that have this assessment process and preferably also provide you or a potential employer with a report confirming the results and your suitability for a job in sales.

A limited number of sales courses operate within recruitment agencies. This is their point of difference. In addition to the sales courses offered they also will work with a candidate to place them in a sales role. This is a big plus as is the follow-up training that they may provide to you once in the job – their support will go along way to ensuring your success in your new sales position.

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