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Fear – The Art of Selling is a good comprehensive sales course for new starters in sales."
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Investing In Sales Courses Sydney Training Is a Low Risk Proposition

By Sean Kanan

Regardless of whether you are in the sales training is great camp or the training is a waste of money camp, Sales Courses Sydney is a worthwhile investment. Even if you improve the performance of one of your sales professionals you can reap big benefits. Whether you need onsite training or you prefer to send your people off-site, there are training courses that are right for your company.

If you ask five sales managers to assess the value of sales training courses you’ll get five different answers. To some there is no better way to keep their sales people in the game. To others sales courses are a total waste of money. It’s easy to see why there is such a wide variation in opinions. Most companies treat sales training courses as a one shot band aid.

And it’s not a cheap band aid either. These are the sales managers who are most likely to say that they don’t see the value. If you look at some of the empirical evidence you might start to get a clearer picture of why those who do believe in sales training are true advocates.

While the exact statistics may vary somewhat there is a lot of evidence that indicates that most of your sales are probably coming from very few of your sales people. This is not unlike the age old rule of thumb that says that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. Some studies give numbers as high as 95% when looking at what part of your sales team is generating the sales.

If you grant that these estimates are at least in the ballpark then you can see why there is very little risk in dedicating at least part of your training budget to sales courses Sydney training. Even if you only convert one or two of your sales people to the high performer category then your sales courses Sydney investment has paid for itself.

Let’s think about what sales courses Sydney can help your sales team with. At minimum training can offer your team updates on the most up-to-date thinking on sales techniques. Training can provide new insight into techniques for developing sales leads and for closing sales. Your people will be given exposure to best practices from a wide range of industries and they’ll have the chance to review the fundamentals of the sales process.

Even the most seasoned sales professionals can benefit from the nuts and bolts training that sales courses Sydney will provide. For new sales people the information is essential.Regardless of the level of experience of the people you offer the training to, sales courses Sydney training will give your entire team the tools they need to continuously improve and do the best job they are capable of.

The sales courses Sydney training you select can be brought to you or you can send your sales professionals to it. Onsite training can be cost effective when you have a large number of sales people or when it is difficult for them to leave the office. Out of office training works well for sales people who learn best when they are away from the interruptions of the office.

Either way, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment in the future of both your company and your people. In the long run you may find that you have better sales and happier sales people. When it gets down to it, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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