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The sales training course teaches an efficient and repeatable system for developing new business."
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Sales Courses Sydney Courses Are a Worthwhile Investment Regardless of the Economy

By Sean Kanan

It’s easy to understand why companies are hesitant to invest in sales training. Unfortunately, the logic behind holding back is faulty. Sales course Sydney can not only help you increase your sales they can keep your team more satisfied and help you distribute your sales across a broader base of your sales team.

It’s not easy deciding how to invest your company’s valuable resources. Budgets have never been tighter and there has never been more pressure to keep overhead costs low. The temptation is to start slashing and keep slashing until expenses are razor thin. One of the first things to go when the cutting starts is training for your sales people. It’s easy to understand why.

Training can be an expensive proposition. If you have a lot of sales people the numbers can be breathtaking. The trouble is, the cost of the training only tells part of the story. The other side of the equation is revenue. Have you really taken a hard look to make sure that when you cut sales program training that you aren’t losing money on the other end as well.

There are a lot of good reasons to offer your sales team sales training courses. Many of these reasons are intangibles that can’t be easily measured. One thing that can be measured is the cost to hire a new sales person. If you can use sales courses to retain even one or two of your top sales people won’t the courses have paid for themselves?

Sales courses Sydney training can offer your sales team the tools they need to keep them interested, sharp, and effective. Maybe there isn’t a direct one to one relationship between these positives and increased sales but you get the point. Sales courses Sydney training can help your people be better equipped to meet their customer’s needs, be happier, and be more successful. It doesn’t take a lot of extrapolation to draw the conclusion that this can help you with salesman retention.

As if retention weren’t enough, consider where your sales actually come from. Many industry studies have shown that the bulk of any company’s sales come from a small percentage of the sales force. This is not unlike the old 80/20 rule when it comes to which customers are buying your products or services.

In terms of sales production, some studies indicate that as many as 95% of your sales are probably coming from 25% of your sales force. While there are no guarantees that enrolling your sales people in sales courses Sydney will level out these estimates for your particular company, there is good reason to think that they will.

Sales courses Sydney offer your entire sales team the chance to freshen up their skills, get new insight into the process of developing opportunities and closing the sale, bone up on the latest thinking in customer behaviour, and get exposure to best practices from a wide variety of industries. For your less experienced sales people, Sales courses Sydney also provide the basics of business development.

Regardless of the level of experience of your sales team, sales courses Sydney training can help improve the sales process and provide valuable refresher training. You’ll find that with regular training your sales people are not only more effective they’ll be happier in their jobs. What could be better than that?

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