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The sales course has provided me with more confidence to target NEW Business opportunities."

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Sales Course Training for a New Career

by Sean Kanan

Sales course training can be the stepping stone you need to start a new career.  If you enjoy working with people and have an unending drive to meet a goal, a sales career might just be the lifetime career you’ve been looking for. 

Career training in sales with beginning sales course training can get you on the fast-track to a new job and a new salary.  Sales careers are lucrative simply because they have unlimited potential.  Your income is based on your skills, your personality, and your drive.  A career as a sales professional is not for everyone.  But if you enjoy working with people and enjoy the thrill of exceeding a goal, sales course training can give you the education and skills you need to turn your natural abilities into money-making abilities.   If you do what you love, you’re bound to succeed. Taking a beginning sales course is an easy first step to take to begin your new career.

According to 2009 US Department of Labor Statistics, salaries for sales occupations have gone up from a median of $33,800 USD per year to $34,632 per year despite the harrowing economy.  However, those statistics contain retail workers.  The Occupational Outlook Handbook reports sales representatives in electronics, pharmaceutical, wholesale and computer or technical fields earn well over $60,000.  Sales manger positions are even more lucrative.  The Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2008-2009 reported a median salary of $91,000 for sales managers – and the majority are promoted from within.  Wholesale and commercial sales managers can easily earn over $100,000.  If you have a bachelor’s degree, advanced sales course training can give you the certifications you need to topple the competition and reach these high paying positions.  The time is right.  Sales manager positions are estimated to increase by 12% from 2009 to 2016.  Sales representative positions are expected to increase 9%.

A sales career can begin, and survive, in any industry, and it can move throughout industries.  Every business must sell.  Your sales training will apply to any industry you choose to enter, and the skills you learn will be easily transferrable to any position.  By gaining sales education and training through professional courses on sales skills, and using your skills in an industry that you have experience with, (or in an industry that you genuinely enjoy), you are positioning yourself to succeed.  Your industry knowledge, (or desire to learn the industry), will give you the advantage you need to gain insight on your customer’s needs. 

Sales course training is an easy first step to a new career that offers unlimited earning potential.  You can begin your training with one course at a time, or participate in a powerful sales training program.  Beginning sales courses and sales training courses come in many forms, but a simple beginning course in sales can give you a taste of what’s involved in a sales career.  Starting a new career requires a first step, and sales training can be that first step.  One step and one course is all it takes to start your new lucrative sales career.

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