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I have gained a great deal of sales knowledge by attending this sales course.

... I will become a far more effective salesperson."

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Sales Course Training to Capture Needed Joint-Ventures

by Sean Kanan

Sales course training can be a strategic tool used to attract business partners that are needed to ensure your company’s success.  If your company is in need of a distributor, manufacturer or physical space to increase your sales potential, a dynamite sales force can be the bait you need to attract business partners.

Powerful advanced sales course training can be used to position your company to attract joint-venture interests.  A powerful sales force is an asset that many companies may cherish, but not be able to produce in a cost-effective manner.  A company that prioritizes manufacturing or distribution may need to invest in expensive equipment instead of investing in sales, yet still desire the added benefits that a direct sales team can offer.  Overseas companies look for on-site sales teams. If you have a product, service or new business that is in need of a partner, or if you are seeking a joint-venture to improve your channels of distribution, investing in sales course training and education to develop a powerful sales force can be the selling point you need to close on a joint-venture deal. 

Johnson & Johnson and Merck are two highly regarded companies in the U.S. that use joint-venture opportunities to promote their products.   Merck provides research and manufacturing, and Johnson & Johnson provides the sales team.  In France, joint-ventures, (also referred to as “piggy-backing”), are common to capture markets in Europe and Asia.  Chemical producer Rhone-Poulenc Rorer has strategic joint-ventures with over 200 chemical companies.  Metal company Pechiney is similarly known for its joint-ventures; however it does not limit itself to companies with similar products. 

Small Western European firms look for overseas opportunities to sell – and can benefit from a joint-venture with a strong sales team on-location.   Intensive, advanced sales courses and sales training courses can also be used to position your sales staff as bait to obtain a joint-venture that provides you with the physical space and logistics you need for product-line or office expansion.   Technology, transportation, and complementary products are additional joint-venture strategy gains.

Strategic alliances are hardly new, but they are increasing with an increase in niche marketing.  Small companies can partner with small companies, not to become a monopoly, but to maximize the individual opportunities for each one. Joint-ventures are unlimited.  Using sales courses and sales training courses to train your staff to excel can be the leverage you need to muscle up your company by finding the advantages that serve your unique business strategy.

Sales course training will train your staff to sell, but intensive advanced sales course training can be a strategic investment to attract joint-ventures.  If you are a new business, or you see the potential in your sales staff to develop a powerful, attractive sales team to use for joint-venture bait, advanced sales course training is the most cost-effective investment you can make to accomplish your goals – and keep improving upon them.  A powerful sales team can sell your business – and themselves.  Make a business of selling, and you’ll position your company for unlimited international growth potential.

For more information on a sales course or to contact us, visit the website at http://www.deakon.com.au 

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