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In the eight weeks that I attended the sales training, I have managed to learn new techniques and ideas that I will use to be a successful salesperson and have a successful sales career."
B. Moussa / Account Manager

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Sales Course Sydney Training Can Help Your Team Exceed Their Targets

By Sean Kanan

It’s not easy to decide how to spend the funds you have allocated for non-revenue producing activities. Sales course Sydney training is just one of the many options you have for this type of spending. If you think about the upside for providing sales training it’s not hard to determine that this is an expense that is well worth it.

Whether you are a sales manager or a sales person you have limited time and money and you must determine how best to allocate both of these valuable resources. Deciding whether or not to expend valuable resources on sales training courses is always a difficult decision. In today’s volatile climate this has never been more true.

There are a lot of compelling reasons why investing in sales course Sydney sales training is a very good investment. If you pay attention to sales industry studies regarding sale person productivity then you are probably aware that most of your sales are made by the same handful of people.

It’s similar to the old 80/20 rule—80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. The same is true for sale people. Some studies even put the numbers even higher showing that 90-95% of sales are made by about 25% of the salespeople. If you believe the numbers then you will agree that you are not getting all you can out of your sales team. The question is, why? It’s probably an over simplification but the answer is, 75% of your team doesn’t know what to do.

Of course sales course Sydney training is not a magic bullet. No sales program training turn 100% of your team into top performers. Think about it though, even if the training you select works for 10% of the people you send, don’t you think your revenues will go up? Sales course Sydney training can help you give your sales team the tools they need to help them achieve their sales targets and perhaps even exceed them.

If you think about it, don’t you want all the professionals you deal with well trained? Why should it be any different for the people on your sales staff? Go back and take a look at the line items in your overhead budget. If you consider the upside doesn’t it make good sense to figure out how you can pay for some high quality sales training? Even if you have an entire team of superstars the training should never stop. There is always room for improvement and sales course Sydney training can help you get that.

If you have tried providing your sales professionals with training in the past but considered it a failure then you are probably still not convinced that you should spend valuable resources on sales course Sydney training. While this thinking is certainly understandable it is incorrect. A professional athlete does not stop with one try when learning a new skill. On the contrary, an athlete will try and try again. The point is, your professionals can learn to be better sales people.

There has never been a better time to invest in sales course Sydney training. In fact, a down economy is the very best time to make the investment. Not only will your people produce better sales for you now, you’ll be in a great position to take advantage of the economy when things turn around.

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