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“Many of the ideas presented at the sales conference are very practical and can be readily applied."
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Features of an Excellent Sales Conference

By Sean Kanan

People who are new to the concept of a sales conference will often not know what they should expect before they walk through the doors. As with any kind of conference or sales course there are good and bad versions and you should know which are the features of both.

When you know that you will be attending an excellent sales conference you will be eager to get there early and take your seat in order to enjoy the speakers that the organisers have arranged for you. To give you a little more information here are some features of an excellent sales conference that you should be looking out for.

  • There is a good range of speakers that are able to talk to you on various subjects relating to sales. You do not want to have to sit through a full year's worth of sales figures if they are not relevant to you or your department. Good conferences will only give the attendees the kind of information that they can benefit from.
  • A mixture of different activities within the conference. There is nothing worse than sitting down for a full day to listen to speakers without any kind of change of pace. Good conferences will mix in elements of sales training courses or ask for the opinions of the audience. By doing this the conference will see much more fresh and it will be more appealing to everyone who is attending.
  • A good sales conference should also give the attendees information that they did not have before. This could be on a new product that is due to be launched or showcasing new ideas on how to turn leads into sales. This is the kind of information that anyone who goes to a sales conference can practically use in real life situations and this will make them more likely to attend conferences in the future.
  • You should not create sales programs and disguise them as conferences, this is a trap that a lot of organisers will fall into and it is one that can really get on the nerves of attendees. While it is always good to look at sales techniques during a conference many people do not want to feel as though they are sat on various sales courses for the full day.
  • The place in which the conference is held is also important and making sure that attendees have enough space to sit comfortably and move around during breaks is absolutely essential. Providing refreshments such as light snacks and drinks for a half day session or adding on a light lunch for a full day sales conference is absolutely essential. Everyone who is at the conference will need to have at least a drink during their time there and you must make sure that this is provided for them.
These are some of the features of an excellent sales conference and these are what you should be looking out for if you are either attending a conference or you are planning on in the future.

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