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The sales conference challenged my current actions and thinking.  It provided me with insights ..."
J. Shannahan  / Field Sales Manager
John Morris Scientific

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Getting More People at Your Sales Conference

By Sean Kanan

Getting people to attend a sales conference can be one of the hardest tasks that a manager or business owner has to do. A lot of businesses will tell their staff that these conferences are mandatory, yet there are still many employees who will not show up.

While you will never be able to get 100% attendance at a conference there are ways in which you can make your conference seem more appealing. Here are some of the ways that you can do this.

  • Make sure that you plan what will be happening and add a speaker who will be of real interest to your employees. Utilising this kind of tip will mean that you will have interest from your employees who will want to attend the conference.
  • Look at sales courses that have succeeded and really given useful information to your employees. Think about if there are any sales tips and secrets that are new that you want to share with your sales teams. Giving them an incentive to learn tips that can boost their sales can help you to get more people on seats at your next sales conference.
  • Look at the other sales programs or conferences that you have attended and see what has really worked at those. You can take some of these ideas and integrate them into your own sales conference. Doing this will show your employees that you are keen on creating the best conferences for the impossible and they will be much more eager to attend them and see what you have to showcase to them.
  • Think about creating a theme for your conference as this can really turn heads and make people want to know more about what will be going on. For example you might want to focus on sales training courses for newer members of staff. Or you might look at turning potential complaints into sales – this is something that all sales team members are interested in as this is a notoriously difficult area to get a handle on.
  • Send out information on the conference before it starts. You can do this weeks in advance in order to generate a lot of interest in what you will be discussing or promoting. You may want to ask your employees to gather information that they can bring to the conference or think about a sales course that has been particularly useful for them.
  • Make sure that you have good refreshments that are readily available. When people are at a sales conference they will want to know that they will be able to get a drink and have something tasty to eat at lunchtime. Many people will think with their stomachs and when you know that you will be able to tempt them to your conference with excellent quality refreshments. Once you do this you will have a ready-made audience that is waiting to hear what you have to tell them, which is exactly what you are looking for.

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