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“Throughout the two days this sales conference covers all aspects of sales and marketing.  How to motivate sales teams and commission structures were useful ..."
B. Lister / Sales & Marketing Manager
Renold Australia

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Who Should Attend a Sales Conference?

By Sean Kanan

Sending out invitations to a sales conference can often feel like a long and laborious process and this can be made even more difficult when you do not know who should be attending. You might feel that everyone within an organisation should attend this kind of conference, but as many of these conferences will have elements of sales courses in them this is not the case.

With this in mind it is important that you focus on who should be attending a sales conference and who should be left in the office. Here are some of the people that you should invite if you are planning a conference of this kind that is focusing on sales.

Sales teams – clearly these are the groups of people that you need to be focusing on these kinds of events. Unfortunately there are sometimes senior members of sales team to feel that they do not need to attend a conference as they have all the knowledge they need to sell products at their fingertips.

In order to get them to attend you need to let them know that sales training courses are ongoing and they can get helpful information from attending your conference. Sales managers – these are the people who will be overlooking your sales teams and they need to be in attendance at any of these conferences that you set up.

These are people who need to know exactly what information their staff are being given so that they can work with them. It is also important for managers to show their staff that they are committed to helping them to achieve better sales and their attendance at conferences is essential.

Marketing – employees who are in marketing should also be on the list to invite to a sales conference as they play a vital role in the sales procedure. These are the people who will be working with trainers and sales managers as they are responsible for marketing products and services to a wider audience.

Regional sales managers – if your business has these managers they should also be invited as they can provide help and information during the conference. They can also be useful in giving you feedback if you have been rolling out sales programs to staff who may work in different areas.

Speakers – any good sales conference will have several different speakers who will be able to give vital information to all of the attendees. These speakers could be from various different departments who have something relevant to say about sales.

You may even want to get in guest speakers as these can play a large part in getting individuals to attend your sales conference. When you get the speaker right you will find that more people are interested in coming to your conference and this is what you should be looking for.

These are just a few of the people you should be thinking about when you are arranging a sales conference. Remember that just like sales courses these conferences can be instrumental in giving your employees more information on sales and they are very valuable.

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